10 Ways to Succeed As An Online Writer

The online writing market gets tougher every day. In order to keep up, there are certain things you must stay on top of in order to get ahead. The following are ten simple steps to being successful as an online writer.

  1. Take time to write well

As writers, we are always a “work in progress”, and so is our work. Never stop honing your skills and learning your craft. I am not suggesting expensive classes here, but a continued self study of your work is crucial. You can always improve. Grammar and punctuation should go without saying here, but there are other areas to consider as well. Honing your craft involves analyzing every aspect of it to deduce if there is anything lacking, or any areas in which you can improve. This should be your ongoing project development as a writer.

  1. Constantly explore new opportunities

Even if you currently have a consistent writing gig that pays well, never stop checking out other sites and avenues for your writing. In this ever changing online writing world, you never know what tomorrow will bring. It always pays to have a backup plan.

Many freelance online writers write for multiple sites. They find that when work is unavailable on their main ones, they can always look around and find work elsewhere. Some of these may even be “work for hire”, and not afford you the acknowledgement you desire for your work, but the money can be good, and certainly helps out in a pinch. Shared revenue sites can also be a great source of extra residual income in times of need.

  1. Find interesting subject matter

The more intrigued your readers are with your work, the more of it they will read. Finding unusual or interesting subject matter certainly sparks more interest. Presenting your subjects in an interesting manner, even when you do not find them so, can also be a plus. Sometimes your personal “take” on a given subject can make a huge difference in how well it is received.

  1. keep it evergreen

You want your writing to work for you, not only today, but in the future as well. An article about today’s trends is not going to garner views or residual income as far in the future as subjects of a more timeless nature. Providing information that is still valid and useful for years to come will insure that your writing and your reputation are around in these coming years as well

  1. A good reader is a good online writer

Never stop reading, be it books, or even articles that you use for source material. The more thoroughly you read source articles, the more informative your articles will be as well. Reading up on any niche topic that interests you is a great way to get ideas for future articles too. As online writers, we usually start as readers, do we not. Never forget that first love in reading that instill the desire to be an online writer in you.

  1. Consistently build your “brand”

Your “brand”, in essence, is your reputation. In online writing, this brand can follow you everywhere. Be mindful of this in all your dealings online. From your best work, to that which you feel isn’t as grandiose, people will see it all, and it will reflect who you are. Remember this in all your writings. great and small.

Even in social media settings, the simplest post can make or break your reputation as an online writer. Think before you rant, complain, or criticize. Be the person you want others to respect in all your journeys online. We are what we create, so to speak. This applies to every profile and every post you publish online, anywhere.

  1. Be unique in all you do

Be sure you stand out from the crowd in all endeavors. Researching your topics, and coming up with unique ideas and vantage points from which to relate them will garner you far more attention than relating the same regurgitated info that so many others have already put forth. If you can’t find an approach that makes your work add value and meaning to the topic, perhaps you should pick another subject altogether.

  1. Connect with other online writers

Many sites have a “community” of some sort. Becoming a valued member of that community will always be to your advantage. Think of it as an “internal social media”, of sorts. Read other authors work, and if you like it, connect, comment, and interact with them if possible. Our online friends can become every bit as special to us as the one’s we see everyday, and a little moral support can go a long way, especially when it is reciprocated.

As in the “real world”, you have to be a friend to get a friend. Be genuine in all such dealings, and you will find others do the same. We can all help each other a great deal in these interactions, from moral support, to sharing ideas and helpful hints, and even in referrals to our other connections elsewhere.

  1. Never stop writing

Write everyday, even if it is only a line or two. I have a folder on my desktop filled with article ideas and works in progress. When I get an insight on a given topic, I immediately go to that article file, and add the info to that article, be it a simple note of something to explore further, or a sentence or paragraph that has sprung to mind. Even scanning this folder on a daily basis can bring ideas to mind, and help me finish these projects sooner.

         10. Never stop promoting your work

We spoke earlier of “evergreen” articles. These can be promoted forever, so do it. Especially if a topic has been trending, or become newsworthy in some manner, your personal insights and take on it is still relevant. Share them with the world on a continual basis, and you will continue to find new fans and readers, who in turn may share it with the world themselves.

Being successful as an online writer has never been easy, and the challenges of doing so online grow daily. You should always seek new avenues and methods of being unique to succeed in your writing endeavors. even in so doing, the aforementioned will always be important, regardless of any new innovations you may develop or discover. They are an excellent foundation model for any good online writer.

Authors Bio: Laurie Tysinger

Laurie TysingerLaurie Tysinger is a writer, editor, administrator, and social media marketer for various websites and private clients. She has also co-authored a new book series, beginning with the recent work,”Idolatry”, with J.D. Cumberland, available on Nook and B&N Books.

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