3 Most Common Mistakes By Bloggers

I have been blogging for almost three years and, let me tell you, I have made many mistakes as well as consistently encounter bloggers who have also made similar mistakes.
So, today, I’m going to save you some time by giving you three of the most common mistakes that I see bloggers make and how you can fix them.

Image Credit: www.legalproductivity.com

Image Credit: www.legalproductivity.com

1. Not Answering Your Comments:

No matter the subject that you write on, your success comes from the support of your readers (which can also be your clients). This means that their feedback is invaluable to your company and brand. Not responding to their thoughts not only discourages helpful

Image Credit: www.themail.com

Image Credit:www.themail.com

feedback that can enhance your company and brand but also makes it harder to develop a personal connection with that person because you just passed up this simple opportunity! Each person is important and the more you can make them feel special, the better chances you have of making them a long(er) term client and/or reader; comments are a simple (and often non-time consuming) way to reach your readers.
How to fix it: Each time you receive a legitimate comment, reply specifically to them within 1-2 days with a genuine and thoughtful comment of your own. Take time to visit and follow their blog while offering meaningful comments, there, if possible.

2. Not Having a Visible and Easy Way for Readers to Contact You:

Aside from responding to comments, this is one of my most preached on topics. Personally, I mainly use “Contact Me/Us” pages to do just this whether I am simply offering my email address or minimizing risks of spam email by having a Contact form (I use both but you can chose to use whichever one you prefer). This has proven to be a valuable asset to me as it has often led readers of my website to be writers on it by simply contacting me as well as several other opportunities that have come my way.

Image Credit: dctitleguy.com

Image Credit: dctitleguy.com

Not having this has also caused some bloggers to miss out on opportunities that I had offered because I saw that they did not leave any way to contact them, so I went on to find another blogger that had this feature and contacted them instead.
You limit yourself by not having a visible way to contact you because you are limiting the opportunities that can come into your inbox; you never know what people are looking for and when, so, create an easy and visible way for people to contact you.
How to fix it: Create a page on your blog (or website) titled along the lines of “Contact Me.” As I said before, I place both my email address and a form on this page but only one of these is necessary.

3. Not Exploring Other Blogs:

This is such a common mistake! Simply put, if you want your blog to grow (and quickly), you have to get out of your own bubble and explore other blogs while also connecting with the bloggers, themselves; that is the secret!

Image Credit: eviltek.blogspot.com

Image Credit: eviltek.blogspot.com

In doing this, you will find that many will come back to your blog and show you some love back, maybe even more than you initially gave.
By doing this, I have gained insight on ideas and a new writer from just giving her blog some attention.
How to fix it: This is why I often recommend bloggers to use WordPress as their blog platform because you can easily find other bloggers and posts who have both similar and totally different interests as you do; it’s also easier to keep track of them when they publish their posts.
However, if you do prefer not to use WordPress, I recommend using programs where you

Image Credit: www.salon.com

Image Credit: www.salon.com

think that your ideal audience or bloggers might be. For example…

  • Blogs about books and authors: Goodreads, YouTube, Booklikes, and Google Plus can be a huge help for you.
  • Blogs about marketing and blogging: LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, Facebook can be of some help to you.
  • Blogs about beauty and life: Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube (especially) are good places to start.
  • Other good ways to find your audience and other bloggers include: The people that your followers follow, commenters on other blogs and websites, and forums.

A lot of the time, you will have to go get your followers and have them come to you instead of just hoping that they will come on their own. So, go and get them!
Have you made any of these mistakes? List them, below, along with how you are going to fix them.

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