Hello there, I am Shafiq Siddiqui, a freelance blogger, content developer, social media marketing enthusiast and inbound marketer. I accidentally started blogging when I was working for Unilever Pakistan Ltd. (i.e. 2006). From there, blogging became my passion. I worked on oDesk (currently known as Upwork) for 3 good years. I worked with countless national and international clients including a list of clients from US, UK, Canada, Romania, Europe and Asia. I developed content and marketed it for businesses as well as for individuals. I have also been a part of and headed social media campaigns for famous brands of Pakistan where I was responsible for:

  • Trending the hashtag on Twitter
  • Creating buzz over Facebook and Instagram
  • Writing pre/post event blogs for brands.
  • Written Press Releases and got those published on different websites and blogs.

The website Shafiq Siddiqui was created to provide knowledge about best practices related to social media marketing, content marketing and other digital marketing fundamentals. As time progressed, I started adding my reviews on advertisements, ad campaigns, life style happenings, food reviews and things which interest me, keeping the digital marketing element attached to them in one way or the other.

Shafiq Siddiqui

How Shafiq Siddiqui can help you?

  • By Writing blogs – fresh and unique content.
  • By creating well-researched website content and keywords optimized blog-posts and articles
  • By writing Ebooks
  • By covering events through blogging and letting you reach to a wider range of audience
  • By managing social media pages
  • By running social media campaigns over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • By increasing your outreach
  • By providing Online and Digital PR services
  • By doing Growth Hacking
  • By providing Seminars and Training on Digital and Inbound marketing and personal brand.

If I can be of any help or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me through my website i.e. Shafiq Siddiqui. You can always drop me an email highlighting your concerns at: shafiq@shafiqsiddiqui.com

I am currently running two projects

  • MediaMagick(dot)com
  • TeamMagick(dot)com

For any advertisement or invitation please email me.

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