Ads In Review: Highlighting Father Daughter Bond

Whether it is Indians or Pakistanis, we are all emotional maybe this is because we have a lot in common. Whether it’s talking style, thought processing or every selling things, we have almost the same approach. There is a slight difference in execution of things. The advertising industry of India is quite strong and they come up with great concepts backed with clap-worthy execution. From copy writing to selection of background score and from models to set designs, Indian ads are way ahead. Pakistani advertisers are trying their best to come up with unique and interesting ideas but it is, at times, felt that somethings are lost in translation when it comes to presenting the big idea.

Recently two brands, one from Pakistan (Cadbury Dairy Milk) and one from India (Tanishq) came out with almost same plots i.e. father-daughter relationship and how their products can be associated with the entire theme; interestingly both ads are set in a backdrop of celebrating occasions i.e. Wedding v/s Diwali. Both ads feature prominent names of showbiz from Pakistan and India but what’s different is the treatment, set style, copywriting, dialogues and even relevant attires for the setting. Both Mawra Hocane and Deepika Padukone are looking gorgeously charming in the ads, no second thought to this.

I will not comment on which ad is better than the other, I will leave that to my readers; watch these ads and decide yourself which ad you find more interesting, visually pleasing, crispier in communicating the message accurately along with the subtle marketing sense.

2 Recent ADS On Father Daughter Bonding

Cadbury’s Ad On Father-Daughter Bond

Tanishq’s Ad On Father-Dauhter Bond

So, which ad according to you is more powerful and moves you as an audience? Do share your feedback.

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6 thoughts on “Ads In Review: Highlighting Father Daughter Bond

  1. I’d say Tanishq won the battle in this one!

    • Thanks for sharing your response Sana. You are so right about it. The way it’s executed and shot, everything looks so effective.

  2. Indian one for sure. Powerful script, better acting and no forceful brand integration. Everything sits and syncs well together.

  3. Darakshan

    Definitely Deepika’s. So well scripted and executed

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