Is Freshness All About Dancing In Traffic Jams? Freshup TVC

Ads In Review: FreshUp

Making a good TVC is very challenging, we know that very well but cloning the concepts is not appreciated no matter what the circumstances are. I recently watched the latest TVC of Freshup which features Hania Aamir, the recent sensation of Pakistani films. Hania looks nice, bubbly and fresh; just apt for the TVC. However, there are a few things which make this particular TVC quite disappointing. Let’s first watch the TVC of Freshup and then we’ll review it by breaking down the concept and its execution.

Freshup TVC – Featuring Hania Aamir

How long will we keep watching TVCs with same themes and settings? This TVC of Freshup is actually emphasizing the same unrealistic idea of people dancing on the streets in the scorching heat. Who does that? Dancing under sun isn’t cool, plus nothing can give you that kind of freshness to keep shaking legs in such heat; in the middle of the road.

Secondly, the graphics remind me of a scene from Syed Noor’s Chain Aye Na which was under discussion for quite some time. I don’t want to go through the torture again but show you 2 visuals. Get ready!

Freshup-TVC Freshup-Chain-Aye-na

Now that we all know from where one of the inspirations has come, let’s see from where the entire concept of Freshup’s TVC looks inspired – BIGTIME. Well it might be a coincidence as well that in both TVCs shades of RED are used in abundance.”

This Colgate’s Maxfresh Taazgi Ka Dhamaka TVC featuring Ranveer Singh, who is doing Jackson’s moves with earnest efforts, gives exactly the same vibes which Freshup’s TVC gives. By the way, even Ranveer Singh’s TVC is inspired from Maxfresh’s previous TVC with South Indian “dancing sensation” Allu Arjun, watch here;

I won’t comment much on the production value of both the TVCs the difference is quite obvious. But one thing which I’d like to add is that creative ideas should be sought in order to create something worth sharing from brand’s end. Plus, now it is time to break the stereotypes and make people realize that being fresh means freshness on face, confident body language, and not dancing as if there’s no tomorrow.

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