Ads In Review: Dayfresh Blossoms Up With Fresh Ideas

Building brand persona is the key, that’s what all marketing students have been taught throughout. Brand perception plays a significant role in influencing the buying behavior of the consumer. TVCs (television commercials) are the strongest form of marketing which encompasses many elements like effective copywriting, storyboarding, storytelling, visuals and connect-points etc. In Pakistan, there are very few brands which focus on creating target market oriented TVCs. Recently, I watched a TVC that is released on digital platforms and I planned to review it, as I do Pakistani ad reviews quite often to highlight the rights and wrongs of Pakistan’s ad-world. Dayfresh has come out with a range of flavored milk re-sealable tetra-packs. Here’s the first ad for the Chocolate-milk.

Dayfresh Chocoate Milk TVC

First things first, the entire shoot of this ad gives a very funky, cool and youthful impact. The TVC is shot brilliantly in terms of communicating the brand’s message along with associating it with the target market i.e. young-adults. The background score is on-point to be precise. The tagline that is “Doodh with an attitude” is smartly created and the marketing team deserves appreciation for coming out with such creativity.

Dayfresh Pista Zafraan Milk TVC

Keeping sports (particularly football) match as the focus and weaving an idea around it is very smart approach to target youth. Lifting the entire TVC up with the tagline “Dil Ki Maan” is another clever approach to link with youngsters, as teenagers mostly do what they feel is the right thing to do.

Crisp Concept:


Concept wise both TVCs are neatly done in terms of expressing what the brand is all about.  Whether it is the Chocolate milk or Pista Zafran milk, the communication is crisp, easy to understand and readily acceptable for its audience; and this is the sign of a creatively sound TVC campaign. Hats off to the team behind these concepts, and making such cool and relevant TVCs for Dayfresh.

Focused Color Attributes:


Colors have distinctive traits. Both the TVCs have strongly highlighted color attribution related to brand, product and focused market. Using brown elements and attires for chocolate with the contrasting toning to shoot the TVC is remarkable. Similarly, for Pista Zafran flavored milk TVC, boys are shown in white and green jerseys. The energy of the team and purity of their ideas signify the characteristic features of green color, which is on the packaging as well. Such concentration of ideation and execution is quite impressive and not very easy to be found in Pakistani ad-world.


With such focused and noteworthy ideation behind every TVC, Dayfresh, is all set to take the flavored milk market by storm. There aren’t (technically) as strong ads in this category which translate the ideology, image and brand perception to the target market i.e. young adults and youth. Dayfresh can be the trendsetter for how ads should be made keeping the niche in the focus.

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