Ads In Review – Go Local By HP

Advertising is the strongest promotional medium if used correctly. There are ads which make viewers emotional, sentimental and urge them to take impulsive decisions. Advertising is hence, not easy. It needs to be to the point, accurate, and relevant to the viewers or let’s say ‘target market’. The art of creating an impactful ad exists in a few things i.e. a combination of greatly written copy which hits on the point and an execution that is simple yet effective. Without these two strongest elements, no ad can ever break the internet or get viral even in the today’s digital age. One has to stay connected with the roots of their culture and values.


I really admire how some of Indian ads are brilliantly penned and showcase the rich culture of India from different parts; after all they make you feel emotional and for a few seconds, those with tender heart and emotions do think about the concept of the ad. That’s just not it, people, at least I, do keep those ads in mind whenever I am impressed with any of TVCs. That’s the victory of a team which invests day and night to come up with an idea initially and then get it approved and finally make it to the final product – when viewers or target audiences keep that ad in their mind. That’s what we call “Bull’s Eye”.

Ads In Review: Go Local – HP India

One such ad which I recently watched over the internet is by HP with the campaign name #GoLocal. That is one of the reasons why I selected Go Local DVC for ‘Ads in Review‘. The ad is based on the fine concept of “Bringing Happiness This Diwali”. From the first sentence (voice over by Vijay Raaz) to the colors, treatment and execution this ad makes you emotional. It’s the power of words which are intensely written, mystically spoken by Vijay Raaz and vibrantly shot by the ad filmmaker this advertisement is superb. The beauty of this ad exists in a very simple message which all of us have studied in our schools before even entering in the cut-throat practical world and that is “help others without letting them know about it”. A beautiful concept even strikingly shot.

This ad, Go Local, deserves to be considered as one of the finest to come out this year.

Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui

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