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The essence of life lies in togetherness. Acts of happiness and kindness make life full of good memories and joyful moments. Today, in “Ads In Review“, I’ll review Nurpur’s ad. The latest TVC of Nurpur talks about numerous such sweet and cherishing moments yet it has no narration but only acoustic. The TVC is smartly conceived and very aesthetically shot. There are a few shots which are loaded with exceptional color combinations and they give instant boost to the mood of the viewer. Without further ado, let’s watch TVC by Nurpur and then talk about the brilliance it offers to its target audience.

Nurpur TVC:

Nurpur is a household brand; hence it is of sheer significance that the connection should be there between the TVC and the target market. Thankfully, the TVC is shot on very substantial points. For instance the TVC of Nurpur highlights the connection between a mother and her two kids. The way these kids are shown helping their mother is worth appreciating. Nurpur is a trusted name and it promises to provide healthy products to its customers. The same element of taking care and nurturing customers is depicted through the character of the mother in TVC. After all, for any brand the best way to connect with its customer is to give them what they can relate to. With this TVC of Nurpur which highlights the significance of good health, staying together and being happy, the brand has actually communicated its message quite vividly.

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For any creative ad, it is essential to use vibrant colors, great direction and execution. Moreover, the graphics also play vital character in making a TVC a “hit or miss”.

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This TVC of Nurpur has multiple such creative graphic moments which are clap-worthy. For Pakistani market, the TVC is very apt. The background music in this TVC is inspired from two iconic songs of Pakistan titled “Chitta kukkad” and “Sanu Nehr WaalePull Te”. The upgraded rendition is peppy and very impressive as a concept in terms of keeping Pakistan’s iconic songs (read: music) alive.

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All in all Nupur’s TVC has many plus points which make it a good TVC with a message i.e. to help one another and support your family. Plus, it also possesses some great creative concepts. TVCs like this are feel good and pleasant to eyes. In Pakistan, advertising industry is lagging behind, too many times we see copied advertisements with zero creativity or at times we witness ditto content inspired from any other TVC. But Nurpur’s ad is fresh breeze for viewers who appreciate high quality and genuinely creative TVC.

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Hats off to the entire team behind this TVC of Nurpur; from conceptualization to execution and final product.

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