Shafiq Siddiqui is a Digital Brand Strategist and Inbound Marketer. He has 8 plus years of extensive experience in the field of content writing, content curation and content marketing. Shafiq Siddiqui provides consultation to businesses and entrepreneurs for the creation and management of their social media marketing strategies. He has worked with international clients, based in US, UK, Canada and Europe. Shafiq Siddiqui has also worked for a Goal Based Social Network from Silicon Valley as Content Analyst and Social Media Director. Currently Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui is working as Digital Brand Manager / Strategist at an international IT concern.

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Craving For Japanese Food? Head To Avari Towers Karachi

One thing which I love about Avari Towers Karachi is that the management is always on toes and busy in celebrating Food Festivals. This time it is Japanese Food Festival that is taking place at Avari Towers in Karachi. I was there at the Japanese Food Fest (at Fujiyama) last year with a few friends…

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Ads In Review – Go Local By HP

Advertising is the strongest promotional medium if used correctly. There are ads which make viewers emotional, sentimental and urge them to take impulsive decisions. Advertising is hence, not easy. It needs to be to the point, accurate, and relevant to the viewers or let’s say ‘target market’. The art of creating an impactful ad exists…

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Coke Fulfills Social Responsibility With Beaches Without Waste

Social responsibility is one of the most significant traits which any individual or organization should possess. One should return to the society and people, in one way or the other. By keeping ones environment clean and green that is free from impurities and unwanted harmful wastes is something that should be practiced by as many…

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Craving For Chocolates And Nutella? Visit CafeNewTella

In Karachi, the trend of opening up a dessert shop is pacing up. There are many eateries which have opened up in the last year which mainly aim to sell desserts but only those have survived who are providing good quality, hygienic and unique desserts, rests have faced pretty bad outcomes. I was invited to…

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Ginsoy Gulshan Opens Up And It’s As Expected!

If you’ll ask for good Chinese food options in Karachi then Ginsoy will be one of the names which food lovers and foodies will definitely recommend to you. There’s a reason behind that, all the franchises by Ginsoy serve tasty Chinese food and they are always on point. For any restaurant it is very significant…

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