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If you are a foodie and love to try food from different cultures and regions, what would you do when you get to know there is Danish Food Festival taking place in Karachi, you will definitely try it for sure. That’s exactly what I did. After French Food Festival, Australian Food Festival and German Food Festival, Avari Towers Karachi is once again celebrating another food festival i.e. Danish Food Festival. If you have not tried Danish Food Festival then it is time for you to at least get an authentic taste of “Halal” Danish Food, as the chef has flown to Karachi, Pakistan for this particular festival. Let me share how was my experience at the Danish Food Festival.

Salad At Avari Towers Danish Food Festival


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When we talk about Danish food, we talk about Lamb, beef and fish along with some great variety of salads. Before planning to visit Avari Towers Karachi to try Danish Food Festival, you need to have a clear mind regarding what you’ll be possibly going for from a huge selection of buffet. Nothing can beat Danish Potato Salad, a mixture of cubed potatoes with sliced hard boiled eggs (whisked in mustard, caper liquid and vinegar with slight olive oil dressing), Danish Blue Cheese is delight for the fans of cheese, and Beetroot & Potato Salad is totally new to me, I loved it for the fine taste which gave hints of mustard, mayonnaise, beets and eggs with potato.

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From the main course I personally liked, as per my taste buds, Norwegian Fried Prawns – simply amazing as they gave the feeling of both fried yet juicy prawns with particular saucy taste, Norwegian Shepherd’s Pie – a soft, smooth and creamy experience; a must try, Farikal (Lamb in Cabbage), Cod Fish with Dill creamy sauce and Boller I Karry (i.e. veal meatballs in mild curry, served with rice).

Dessert At Danish Food Festival

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One thing I love about Food Festivals in Avari Towers Karachi is that there’s a huge (with a capital “H”) range of desserts. You can enjoy chocolaty, creamy and fruity desserts with some extended varieties of pudding, pancakes and the list continues.

One thing for which the entire team of Avari Towers Karachi should be appreciated is that it keeps on bringing not only Food Festivals to Karachi from different countries but also some Chefs who actually bring the authenticity of the food and taste – and at the same time keeping it Halal for the local customers. By the way New Year is round the corner and it seems like Avari Towers Karachi will be doing something amazing this time, have a look below.

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The Danish Food Festival Buffet costs 2,300/- PKR plus tax and it’s on till 18th December – For Details About Danish Food Festival at Avari Towers Karachi follow the Facebook Page.

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