Avari Towers Khi’s International Iftar 2019 – Foodies’ Heaven

One thing which I enjoy the most in Ramazan / Ramadan is that I plan meet-ups with friends and colleagues to enjoy Iftaar dinners with them. It has now become a common practice for the past 10 years. This year my Iftaar Dinner exercise started with Avari Towers Khi’s International Iftar 2019. Just like every year, Avari Towers Khi offers a huge range of Iftaar and dinner, with good taste and great quality. It’s never a dull moment at Asia Live’s Iftaar dinner. With a huge gathering of friends, good food is what everyone needs. Here’s what you should expect from the Iftaar Dinner.


From Pakoras to chicken wings and from Samosas to Kebabs, there were more dishes than one could count. Starting with sandal sharbat and lal sharat there was an iftar spread with pakoras, samosay, rolls, chana chaat, dahi baray and bhail puri. Then there were dishes for dinner ranging from Pakistani dishes to Thai specialties, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.


Pakistani dishes included biryani, beef nihari, chicken malai boti, chapli kabab, lahori fish fry, aloo and channa tarkari. The taste was good and I did justice with the Pakistani cuisine.


One thing that I’d like to specially mention here is that Avari Towers Khi is consistently working on the quality of its food and every time I visit I find the bar has risen up and that’s the amazing thing about this place.

Chicken Teppanyaki and Beef Teriyaki are my favorites from the Japanese cuisines which Avari Towers offers. They are juicy, saucy and cooked to perfection. Prawn Tempuras and sliced beef were good in taste; not oily at all and tender (respectively).

Quick Review: Avari Towers Kahi – Iftar 2019

Thai fish with sweet and sour sauce was also really good. There were so many choices that it was difficult to pick what to eat. I ate so much that I couldn’t enjoy the desserts which included traditional fair with gulab jamun and custard. There was good variety of desserts which sadly I couldn’t eat much of. I highly recommend Avari’s International Iftar.

Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui

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