Outreach Tools To Find Bloggers From Specific Niche

It will not be wrong if I say “bloggers are Influencers”. The words written by them have a great impact in marketplace. In order to learn about any product or services of a company, the consumers always look at the relevant blogs instead of ads now. So, if you are associated with marketing and digital marketing then these outreach tools will definitely help you out:


The best quality of Inkybee is that it collects all relevant data very smartly like the location, contact details, social media followers, SEO rank and other activities. It lets you filter blogs and gathers additional information easily. Blogs can also be found out via Twitter.


Complete data and working profile can be sorted out by Traackr. All blogs, network approach and contact information of any blogger can be gathered by this tool. Influencers according to the demand can be located on the basis of their language and location. You can also track the conversation by influencers along with the content type.


Buzzsumo is simply the best blogger’s research tool. It is very easy to use and its upgraded version is fantastic. Different sorts of filters can be applied now. You can reach bloggers in any field by applying filter to the type of users. Users can be filtered by location. Their performance can be analyzed on the basis of shares and engagement. On the basis of URL, the content that is being shared most can be sorted out.

Ninja outreach:

It is a very unique blogger outreach tool because it involves the users all over the world.It has very different features like templates for each user which can be personalized.It also helps in saving time by the automatic system of email outreach. You can also track the number of clicks and reply rate.

Little bird:

Now you can easily find bloggers according to your targeted audience through Little Bird. Growing communities have been visualized via colors perfectly. You can find the content that is actually helpful for your audience. Blogs for your relevant industry can be identified.


Tomoson is considered best by most of the people due to its easy use. You just have to click on “Find influencers” and the process will start. Audience is already built-in so you don’t have to do the effort. Now just type your required subclass and the relevant influencers along with all the data are shown.


Once you have uploaded the URL list, it becomes easier to find any blogger on Buzzstream. Each website is analyzed and information is recorded. There is also the facility of notifications via email that seems very helpful. A very efficient workflow is built in this website that makes search easier.


Pitchbox is also very efficient for blogger outreach purpose. You can get in connection with the strongest bloggers in your field. Email outreach facility will also be there to help you out. You can also report about the performance along with every negotiable point. No separate account will be needed as you can contact via pitchbox.

A huge possibility of profit will be missed if you will not use these blogger outreach tools. So, if you want to create a positive impact in business then spend some of your time on these sites and tools; this will be a win-win for all.

Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui

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