My Experience At Bites and Vibes By FoodPanda

Karachi is one of the most happening cities of Pakistan and known for quality food and busy lifestyle. No matter how busy people are in their personal and professional lives they don’t miss the chance to enjoy and this is the reason why we get to see some great events taking place in Karachi, specially food festivals. FoodPanda Pakistan organized Bites and Vibes, a food festival on 18th February 2018 Sunday; and it was the talk of town. Besides the heat, and trust me the weather was really hot, Karachiites took time out to attend Bites and Vibes by FoodPanda at Pavilion End Club. Although in the noon, the crowd wasn’t huge but as the time passed people started to come in large gatherings after 5 PM.

At Bites and Vibes, the management tried to organize the event very effectively and nicely, they also had the cleaners who were collecting the trash from the tables and the ground to keep the place clean and good. There were stalls from multiple eateries like Del Frio, Zhi Zhi Fan Chao, Bonzai Pan Asian Kitchen, Baba Ki Haleem, Hot Bombs, Skewers, Arabi’s, The Sauce, Aunty Lu and multiple others. I tried food from a few stalls and here’s what I personally felt.

Me At Bites And Vibes

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Hot Bombs

Bits and Vibes By Foodpanda Shafiq Siddiqui 1

I tried them and didn’t find them as per my taste buds, I mean I wouldn’t like to spend any additional o excessive amount to eat mashed potatoes rolled in crumbs and which have no distinction in the taste, I mean we all usually eat “aalu ka bharta” and it’s nothing which anyone would be interested in paying 100 – 150 for just 4 balls of those.

Arabi’s Paratha – Mutabbaq

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I kind of liked the Mutabbaq but then again, they were better in comparison to what I tried out of others. To me, I’d prefer the paratha’s which Memon community sell in Saddar, they have more kick and authenticity than Mutabbaq.

Chicken Shawarma

Bits and Vibes By Foodpanda Shafiq Siddiqui 3

The Shawarma was a letdown to be honest as it was so very dry and unlike genuine and original shawarma.

Dum Kay Qeemay Kay Bun Kabab – Aunty Lu

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I am a huge fan of Dum Ka Qeema, and I cannot stand if someone makes me eat something else in the name of Dum Ka Qeema. This is what exactly when I excited ordered Bun Kabab filled with Dum Ka Qeema, it disappointed me. The Dum was nowhere. The kick which Dum Ka Qeema usually has was missing from the qeema, I tasted it alone i.e. without the bun to recheck if Qeema was overpowered by them but nope that wasn’t the case.


Bits and Vibes By Foodpanda Shafiq Siddiqui 5

Totally overrated.

7-Up Stall

Bits and Vibes By Foodpanda Shafiq Siddiqui 7

As today was a hot day, I hurried to 7-Up’s stall celebrate “Food Ka Love” but it turned in to a hate story as the drinks they offered were not anything which one can discuss.

Del Frio

Bits and Vibes By Foodpanda Shafiq Siddiqui 6

I tried “Brownie with Ice Cream” at 200/- PKR. The brownie was hard, in fact very hard.

One should give the credit to FoodPanda to organize this food festival “Bites And Vibes” as such events are needed in Karachi so that masses can be introduced to multiple eateries. It might be a not so good day for me in terms of the selection of eatery stalls but based on the enjoyment which I and my family had, it was a nicely spent day. After all, what are Sundays for? To make them Fun-days; right!

Few Glimpses From Bites And Vibes

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