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It won’t be wrong to say that in Karachi, it is only Avari Towers which keeps on organizing and celebrating different cultures through their food and hospitality. The food festivals are organized on almost every month keeping in close focus the taste of Pakistanis as well; after all they are the target audience for the brand. Be it French Food Festival, German Food Festival or Turkish Food Festival, Avari Towers Khi has always maintained its consistency. Recently, I happened to visit the Burns Road Night at AvariTowers Khi; it was amazing. There were almost all the dishes which I think should be there, minus a few. Here’s my experience at Avari Towers.


When you listen to the term Burns Road, and if you are a foodie; all you can think of is great food like Haleem, Fry Kebabs, Nihaari, Kachori, Halwa Puri, Briyani, Tikka, Gola Kebab and the list goes on and on. That’s exactly what I had in mind when I visited at the Burns Road Night at AvariTowersKhi. The setting at Avari Towers was interesting as there were posters of the movies like Mughl-e-Aazam and a few other Pakistani films from 70’s. Probably they were trying to show create the ambiance there used to be back in the days at Burns Road.  After noticing that I hurriedly checked out all the food that was there and was happy to see multiple stuff including Sindhi Briyani, Sajji, Haleem, Barbecue (Chicken Tikka, Beef Kebabs, Chicken Malai Boti), Chicken Handi, Prawns, Fried Fish, Nihaari and a few other things. The stalls for Chanaa Chaat, Dahi Baray and Halwa Puri/Kachori were set separately.

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Taste wise, I liked barbecue, although the beef kebabs were a little less grilled in every serving which I had. The Chicken Handi was very nice, scrumptious; it was creamy and had the right amount of spices. Nihari was light on spices and when you talk about authentic Nihari it’s spicy to very spicy.

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I was a bit surprised not to find Fry Kebabs, I mean to me it’s the authentic and genuine food to be added in the list. Rabbri was Okay-ish although I liked the Kheer in Shikoray. I was so full that I couldn’t try Qulfi there. They should have also added Bun Kebabs in the menu as there are many who would love to recall the taste of Bun Kebabs from the burns road.

Desserts: Burns Road Night At AvariTowersKhi

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If you want to enjoy a night with family or recall the nostalgia from the old days then you should visit Burns Road Night at AvariTowersKhi. Per head is 1995/- PKR plus tax.

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