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In Karachi, the trend of opening up a dessert shop is pacing up. There are many eateries which have opened up in the last year which mainly aim to sell desserts but only those have survived who are providing good quality, hygienic and unique desserts, rests have faced pretty bad outcomes. I was invited to the launch of CafeNewTella last night, on its soft launch and the place looked quite cozy and pretty okay as well. Initially CafeNewTella did its test run at Ocean Mall, Karachi and the response which they received was quite tremendous. This outlet at Nishat Commercial is their first proper outlet to dine.

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Out of various options, I tried Savory Crepe (Fajita), Nutella Crepe and Nutella Waffle; a few muffins were also served with several toppings and they were quite high on sweetness level – after all what can you expect from a dessert shop? Only sweet stuff right!

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The Fajita Crepe was loaded with veggies, chicken and sauces; that made is scrumptious. The blend of the tastes made it exceptional and yummy in every bite. I personally think that the stuffing was a little more loaded than it should have been but then I suppose there are many people who like supremely stuffed crepes and they’ll definitely enjoy that.

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Nutella Crepe was on point, the taste was good, it was very well balanced and the temperature was accurate to serve. As far as Nutella Waffle is concerned, it was okay (not as per my taste) but it wasn’t bad as well; out and out it was a pleasant experience at CafeNewTella and it’s a good addition for those who have sweet tooth.

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So, if you crave for Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, and muffins with shakes then you’ll hopefully like Café New Tella. From 26th onwards (or probably after Eid Ul Azha) they’ll start serving breakfast as well. Visit with friends and kids and do share your feedback as well.

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