Coke Fulfills Social Responsibility With Beaches Without Waste

Social responsibility is one of the most significant traits which any individual or organization should possess. One should return to the society and people, in one way or the other. By keeping ones environment clean and green that is free from impurities and unwanted harmful wastes is something that should be practiced by as many as possible. Environmental cleanliness plays a vital role; it helps in creating a healthy lifestyle and fresher environment. When brands come forward and take up the initiative of making the environment cleaner, it’s one of the best moves planned and executed from the team. Recently something of the same sort took place where World Wide Fund For Nature – Pakistan organized the International Coastal Clean-up Day in association with Coca Cola Pakistan and National Volunteer Programme (NVP) at Sea-View, Karachi.

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In this activity titled Beaches Without Waste, numerous people participated from professionals to students, from kids to families and from social media influencers to activists. It looked like that everyone wanted to contribute in this amazing activity which aimed to peach and showcase everyone the importance of waste-free beach. There were 3 bags for the waste, differently colored, for plastic, paper and other kind of waste which can be used for further recycling. The total weight of the wastage was approximately 535 Kgs.

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Beach pollution is a severe issue and in Pakistan, it must be dealt with carefulness. Karachi is known for its Beach as well and as Karachiites, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep their city and the pride (one of the uniqueness) of Karachi safe and free from waste. How many of us know that 8 million metric tons of plastic is thrown in the ocean every year annually.  It’s time that we should realize that:

Water and air are two essential fluids, on which all life depends; unfortunately they’ve become global garbage cans.

Beaches Without Waste:


We, on individual and organizational level, should take some steps to cut down this habit and start keeping our Beaches Without Waste. This activity by Coca Cola should be supported and appreciated by people of Karachi.

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