5 Reasons Why You Need Laughter Therapy Once In A While

Laughter reduces stress. We all need laughter in our lives. Laughter therapy is very important. And by therapy it’s not necessary to book an appointment and go see a therapist who will make you laugh. It means doings these in general that make you lighthearted and make you laugh. Like going out with friends, doing silly things or watching a comedy show, I can recall watching Comedy Masala a few months ago. Anything really that makes you laugh. Here are 5 reasons why we all need laughter therapy every once in a while:

Laughter decreases stress

With work, home and social life, we all now have a lot to cope up with. Spending a little ME time is important especially when it brings laughter. Put on a fun movie, do silly antics. Anything out of your daily routine and it will help relieve your stress.

Laughter can bring you closer to people

Laughter helps in socializing with people. It’s a far-fetched idea but know that there are thousands of people facing the same fate as you, a life in the rut. For them, laughter does the same trick as it does for you. It lightens your heart and makes you stress free. Share anecdotes or jokes with colleagues or someone who is sitting beside you on the subway station.

Brings positive energy

Do you stay grim all day long? Your worries drag you down? Enjoy simple things in life like an ice cream, a childhood fav movie or cartoon, a fav snack and cherish it. Don’t just go about doing things; try to find humor in those things. This will brings positive change in your life.

Laughter brings physical health

Skeptical? Yes, laughter promotes physical health too. Quite literally. Laughter can reduce a lot of health problems because laughter improves flow of blood.

It makes life easy

There are too many things weighing us down. Laughter is one thing that can lift our spirits.

Comedy Masala – A Perfect Laughter Therapy

Take me to a good comedy show like Comedy Masala where you can fall off your seats because of laughing too hard and life is good. And what luck, this show is back in town with all my favorites. I am going to laugh till I drop. If you are a standup comedy enthusiast like me, then buy comedy masala tickets now from here www.comedymasala.com/pk. Coz these sell out fast.

Anyway, how are you going to include laughter therapy in your life?

Here are some other vital reasons why you need laughter;

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