Comedy Masala Skyrocketed Stand Up Comedy In Pakistan

Stand up comedy has always been a major source of entertainment for young adults, adults and even senior citizens. People outside Pakistan have been more blessed to enjoy international collaborations and raw talent in the genre of Stand up Comedy. Unfortunately in Pakistan, we had to literally break the shackle and bring back the already dead stand up comedy culture. A huge effort in reviving this field is by the youngsters who came up with enthralling ideas and never say die aptitude to make impossible things possible. Umar Rana is one amongst such heads.


Comedy Masala was introduced in Pakistan just a few years ago by Umar Rana. The man must have had the vision as he very gradually and smartly fused this entire concept of bringing international stand up comedians from different parts of the world to Pakistan; and today he has managed to gather and form a genuine and die-hard fan following of youngsters and adults for Comedy Masala. This is something which deserves a huge appreciation. Rana introduced many talents and collaborated with them to showcase finest talent to the audience of Comedy Masala.

I was lucky enough to witness the graph of Comedy Masala right from the days when it stated, but at the same time I was amazed to see the talent which was selected by the team behind it. Even in their initial shows the occupancy used to be pretty decent, we all know that in the start there isn’t much one can expect but with the ability to continuously satisfy their audience and the art of engaging their attendees the entire team of Comedy Masala has re-invented the comedy scene in Pakistan; yes, they are performing in multiple parts of Pakistan and not just in Karachi.

Now, I witness many people from different professional and educational backgrounds trying to enter in this genre and become stand up comedians. A huge credit goes to Comedy Masala and people behind it for upping the stand up comedy scene in Pakistan. I genuinely wish that this team prosper as they give chance to talent irrespective of anything else. By the way Comedy Masala is coming back this February, so if you need any more detail or want to book your tickets (trust me like last time, this time the seats will be sold out very soon) they you can visit this link

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