Content Marketing – 3 Points To Ponder

Content marketing is one train that you need to jump on in today’s content intensive times. The creation and distribution of content that has the tendency to become shareable if by far the most effective strategy to expand brand awareness, website traffic that helps in increased sales. Content creation is important, undeniably, but content marketing is the ace. Let’s explore how content marketing works:

Content Marketing – The Idea:


The entire idea of content marketing revolves around the sharing of content. This content may include articles, blog posts, news bits, pictures, videos or anything falling under these domains.

Reason: The reason and main objective behind content marketing is to bring target market, audience and readers to the website, where they can be provided with the sales pitch and a relationship can be formed.

Why Would Someone Visit The Website? This is one of the main concerns that need to be focused and worked upon during the creation of content. The more authentic and interesting that content will be according to your target market, the more efficacious your content marketing campaign will be. There are 3 main elements to create efficacious content, described as under.

A – Content Should Be Relevant:

Imagine yourself running a B2B business and one day you decide to post a sweet puppy video from YouTube. The probability of getting thousands of views, likes and shares on that video would be high but the question is, should you post it at first place? The close focus on what your target market appreciates and wants to see is significant; but if your brand has no sync with the content shared on your platform then there is a high chance of no improved sales through that particular post.

B – Content Should Be Superior:

Content Marketing 2

It has been noticed that many businesses are pushing content just because they want to increase the quantity of their posts on weekly and daily basis but the quality of the content seems missing. It is in the best interest of the business to share even one article a week but that should be related, useful, valuable and significant to the readers and your target audience. A great way to find useful content that best interests your target market is a brief research on competitors posts, forums where your audience share the problems shared by them and then creating a piece of content that answers all their concerns. That will definitely be a “Hit” post.

C – Content should Be Steady:

Content Marketing 3

Create a plan, devise a strategy, i.e. content strategy, and then associate them with your marketing strategy. It’s better to stick to that strategy at least 3 – 5 months. This way not only your audience but Google will also get the understanding of when and how your content is posted and shared on other platforms. If you plan to post articles on Tuesday of every week then stick to it. Focusing on time is also a good practice. Consistency of content is always appreciated.

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