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There was a time when traditional marketing was at its prime. With the passage of time, today, it is all about digital marketing. There are many digital platforms and forums on which marketing is carried out. The importance of creating original and engaging content is over shadowing all the other marketing traits and tactics. Content marketing professionals and content strategists are teaming up to create appealing stories, as storytelling is the biggest plus-point. Customers tend to engage themselves more with a proper storytelling. Content marketing is all about coming out with content that is addictive and then getting it shared on multiple digital platforms. We all are aware of the fact that quality oriented content just needs a little push and people prefer to share and like it apart from commenting on it.

Let us explore a little about the trends of content consumption, value addition from content strategists and need of the content in today’s world.

Content Is Consumed Digitally – It’s A Trend Now


Content is highly consumed these days. Everyone, from students to professionals and from a housewife to an entrepreneur, is busy in searching for the desired content to explore about any subject. Mimi An is Market Research Analyst at Hubspot and she writes in one of her posts that content is shared online on daily basis because people are looking for relevant and specific content. Content is sought on websites, blogs, social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn etc. It is a content marker’s job to get the content shared on different digital platforms to get high level of engagement.

Content Is Needed Universally

Today’s universal truth is that people need content on everyday basis. Why is that? This is because they are in habit of searching one thing or the other on usual basis. There are some who want to up their knowledge game and the best way to do that is getting on the Internet and getting their hands on everything that has value attached to it. No matter from which country you are operating from, you can fetch information through different parts of the world; all because of digitally available content. This is one of the reasons why brands are promoting and marketing their content in multiple parts of the world. For instance, Starbucks is not there in Pakistan (so far) but people are aware of the brand name and high quality of the coffee brand.

To Stay Ahead, Keep Adding Value To Your Content

Value is what everyone wants. There is a huge range of content and services available in the market but people only return to those who provide them with qualitative and valuable information i.e. content. The director of editorial for Social Media Examiner, Cindy King shares that value addition is the winner and major success of the brands depends upon sharing the value through the content. It is recommended for content marketers and content strategists to get in touch with people who are in search of the same cause i.e. creating and sharing quality oriented content. It is imperative to devise a brilliant content marketing strategy.

Do you think the content you create for your brand has all these elements? Are there any other better ways to create engaging content? If yes, please do share. In case you are looking for quality content or content marketing plan write to me and I’ll be happy to assist and help.

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