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In the initial stages of my professional writing career, I had this habit of redrafting and revising my content to a level where I could hardly earn $2 – $3 per hour. Running a family with this hourly rate was a hectic. Over the years I have learned a few ways with the help of which I managed to write more; resulting in earning more. Yes, this can be done and without compromising the quality of the content or committing grammatical or technical blunders. How? Come! let me help you in exploring the key areas:

Get Rid Of the Interruptions:

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Interruptions are distractions, simply keep away from them as much as possible. It is not in your best favor to keep checking Facebook updates from your friends, WhatsApp messages, Tweets that mention you or receiving calls, when you are writing any piece. They can wait; after all, you are interested in earning more by completing the job in best possible time.  I usually don’t login to my social media accounts and also keep my phone on silent, so that I can single mindedly write a quality article that can help readers in learning a thing or two. Say no to distractions and enjoy the spell of writing!

Draw A Sketch In Mind:

Irrespective of what sort of write-up you are planning to write (ranging from a blog post to a novel), the most significant step is to draw an outline that best sketches what you’d incorporate in it. This is one of the best ways to keep on track, while writing. Else, a writer can easily lose his way and start to drag. One of the best ways to draw an outline is writing headings and then start beautifying the gaps with the relevant information.

Gauge Your Research:

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Research is good – but too much of everything makes it a dull fare. It is good to carry out research but one must know when to stop. After all, we don’t write term reports on frequent basis. So, it is important to limit research to certain level.

Be Focused:

When writing a blog post or article, you should keep your focus. It’s not recommended to lose your focus for any reason. Keep relevant keywords in mind, keep your target audience in mind, and understand why they would be interested in reading your post. In order to master this art, always keep the following in mind:

For whom are you writing?

Why are you writing?

When are you planning to post the write-up?

Where your article will be published?

The moment you will get the answers to these questions, I am sure you will deliver a killer write-up, undeniably.

Be Simple and Not Critical:

There are writers who incorporate terms and words which are top-notch but are hardly understood by masses. When we talk about online world, we emphasize on kind of writing that can be understood by everyone. Keeping this in mind, one shouldn’t get over critical in writing an article. In fact, it is suggested to write in simple words, so that the message can flow easily to both sorts of readers. After all, a good writer makes things easier to understand and does not complicate them. Right?

With the help of above mentioned points, I not only increased my speed of writing articles but also they helped me in improving my per hour rate. So, keep writing and keep earning. Share your key success tips as well and let others get benefited from them.

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