With over 8 years of experience in content writing and content marketing, I always wanted to share my experiences, observations; including the blunders, do’s and don’ts about content writing. This gave me the idea to write an ebook for the budding talent and professionals who want to start their career in the field of content writing but don’t know what to expect from the field and where to start from. Download it for free and read “A GUIDE TO CONTENT WRITING“.



I always wanted to be read by people from different parts of the world. I always dreamed about adding value to the life of people around me and my readers of-course. This made me took my first step to write an e-book that could help people in keeping their goals in perspective. I launched my first ebook “Accomplish 15 Goals In Your Life” in 2013.

Click on the following image to download the ebook for free.


6 thoughts on “Ebooks

  1. Chanock Mwila -Pen Name

    Thank you for this wonderful book,Shafiq. This is great stuff; much appreciated!

  2. Svetlana Bostick

    Hey Shafiq, just finished downloading both of your ebooks to read later when I have more time. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!!

    • I hope you like both. Do share your feedback. In process of writing my 3rd ebook. Your constructive feedback will help me in improving my writing.

  3. Thank you so much for such informative piece of work Focus on the goal, commitment and hard work… Very important points, but what about smart working?

    • Smart working acts as the catalyst, but with out focus, commitment and hardwork, there’s no point of smart working itself.

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