Practical Tips on Making Your Email Campaign Better

Despite prophecies for long of email marketing fading away, it remains as vibrant as ever with many marketers swearing by its efficacy of reaching out to potential and existing customers. As with any marketing channel, there is always room for improvement, and this can come in especially handy for small businesses that usually don’t have large financial resources at their disposal to waste. Some practical tips on making your email campaign more effective:

Classify Your Email Lists

It is quite natural for you to have accumulated a large number of email addresses; however, there is little point in shooting off emails to all of them without taking the trouble to target them according to their interest and relevance. If you are engaging in any activity or trying to promote a particular product with appeal to a particular profile, it is best that you send emails to only those who could be potentially interested. For example, something of interest to kids should only be sent to children and not retirees, and if you are announcing a sale on ladies’ bags, your emails will be read more if they are sent only to the ladies on the list. Age, gender, demographics, past purchase behavior, expressed interest, etc. are some very effective ways of classifying your email list to achieve better opening and click-through rates.

Make the Email Compatible to Mobiles

email on mobile

Since an increasing percent of the population is accessing the net, social media, and email accounts on portable devices like smartphones and tablets, it has now become compulsory to ensure that emails should be able to be read on the smaller screens. Industry research has revealed that as many as 71% of recipients will immediately delete emails that they cannot read on their mobiles. Thus, to prevent your valuable emails from being consigned to the trash bin, you need to devote attention to creating email content that is optimized for mobiles. This includes a design that is single-column, the use of large images, bold headlines, lots of white space, and CTA buttons that can be easily tapped. Implement a responsive design for getting better open rates

Think About Emails That Are Text-Only

Even though including images in the emails can communicate your message better, there are chances that the email client being used by the recipient will block the images and as a result, the email looks broken and difficult to read. To overcome this, it may be worthwhile to send text-only emails with website links provided so that you can also monitor what links the recipients are clicking. According to a number of bulk email marketing services in Mumbai, clients sending text-only messages are reporting a better level of engagement than when they were sending a fancier communication.

Have a Real Person Send the eMail As Part of email campaign

If there’s one thing that puts off people, it is receiving emails from Instead, send the emails in the name of a real person, maybe a member of your sales team or even your CEO, depending upon the contents of the mail. Inform the recipients how they should respond to the mail in case they wish to do so to prevent their replies from bouncing or being ignored.

Grab the Attention with a Compelling and Succinct Subject Line

email campaign subject line

Due to the number of emails that everybody gets, the decision of whether to open an email or not depends on how the subject line has been composed. According to experts, emails stand a far better chance of being opened if the subject line contains an irresistible offer or informs the recipient of a special event that is of interest. It is possible to customize subject lines if the email lists are classified according to specific segments. Apart from being compelling, they should ideally be short and convey a sense of urgency without being too pushy.


For your communication to be effective, you need to keep on refining both the message as well as the email lists. There is no point is keeping on sending emails to people who simply do not open your mail. It is better to concentrate on recipients who show some signs of engagement with the company.

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