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Facebook Made Easy For Small Businesses:

How to create stellar, popular and viral Facebook posts? This is perhaps the most important of questions that occupies the mind of social media marketers these days. A correctly curated status, image or even video can potentially go viral, garnering your brand page thousands and potential million likes in a day!

With such massive outreach, no wonder Facebook status posting is akin to a business skill. This is why we will be looking at things that can help you make the most of your Facebook posts.

Posting! How Much Posting Is Acceptable?

You need focus and clarity to know how often you would be posting on Facebook throughout the day. There are good times and there are “not so good” times for Facebook posts as well as “Good posts” and “Not so catchy posts”.

Coming back to effective posting times, here are some points that social media marketers recommend:


Ask yourself the most important question. “What’s the maximum time that you are aiming for your post to be visible?” Bonus fact: a Facebook post has the lifespan of just 3 hours. A tweet is just 2 hours for comparison’s sake.

With an answer to that question, you’ve got the first real idea about how to compose your Facebook post.

A post that immediately grabs the attention of viewers is short and precise. It states the point and moves on. All characteristics of a Good Facebook post.

Is It Current Or Not?

All Facebook posts, especially for marketers, should be current and up to date. In fact, forget the up to date aspect, because that will mean investing more resources into something which has a negligible value at best.

All you need is, make your Facebook posts ‘evergreen’. The kind of post that is relevant for all times and can be shared repetitively, never going out of style in the process.

So Up To Date Content Isn’t Preferred?

In the case of social media networks, staying current is very important for SEO purposes. Google targets content that is current and trending.

There’s one more reason why you should be constant in putting up posts on social media marketing sites. Contrary to popular rule, not all your fans check back on social networks all the time. So that post you did 3 days back won’t be showing up in the news feeds anytime soon.

That’s a promotion faux pass if there ever was one.

Pair Up Your Social Media Marketing Networks Together

Got a blog? Good! Got a YouTube account? Great!

Even though a lot of people believe that every social network has their own pros and cons, their own niche to be precise, you can’t deny the fact that not all networks are created equal.

But the good thing is that these platforms are at their core, social. Which makes sharing stuff from one place to another a cinch?

Want to increase the traffic on your blog? Try sharing a good article on Facebook! The sky is the limit when it comes to mixing and matching social posts together.

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