First Ever Aviation Conference Of Pakistan By Shaheen Air

Pakistan’s Aviation Sector is going through a rough patch for the last few years, customers are getting disgruntled and this is resulting in the decrease in profitability and reliability. Recently, Pakistan’s first ever Aviation Conference was held, thanks to Mr. Kashif Sehbai, the chairman of Shaheen Air International. The Aviation Conference aimed to highlight the problems and issues present in the current scenario and how to fix them and build a better goodwill. The theme of the conference revolved around “Let’s make aviation better“. Taking aviation industry to the new heights of success and progress was the motto of the Aviation Conference.  This new step taken by Shaheen Air to support the aviation industry and prompting everyone to work towards its betterment is very good. 2018 marks 25 years celebrations of Shaheen Air and aviation conference was one of the numerous contributions to the industry over years.

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Panel of Aviation Conference:

The panel of the discussion included some respectable and key names from the aviation industry, like, Mr Farooq Rehmat Ullah – Ex DG CAA, Air Marshal Shahid Latif – Ex Vice Chief Of Air Staff PAF, Lt Gen Munir Hafeiz – Ex Chairman NAB and Ex Corps Commander, Maj Gen Javed Aslam Tahir – Ex DG Pak Army Aviation and Commander Pak Army Aviation Command and Air Marshal R Yusuf Chaudary – Ex DG CAA. Mr. Kashif Sehbai was also there to share his ideas, insights and point of view regarding how processes and procedures can get better along with what steps should be required to take the aviation industry to the next level, in order to provide best services to the customers.

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Essence of The Conference:

A few lines from the Aviation Conference which boosts the moral of the entire industry:

“When you’ve been beaten, a wonderful thing happens. You get stronger. You get wiser.   You get to inhale the scent of victory — even if it doesn’t belong to you. Which is why, by the near future, we will multiply our efforts by ten times. We will overhaul our industry’s image.   We will retain and recruit the best talent and partners. We will extend our technological innovation and aviation reach. We will re-position ourselves as the eagles of the skies. In other words, we will shine together.”

The Aviation Conference was indeed a very positive step taken by Shaheen Air and the better thing was to include all the key players and effective decision makers in the panel to shape up the aviation sector for the future. Such conferences prove that there are people left who want to make this industry better and profitable as well.

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