FoodPanda Celebrates Pioneering Success

Pakistan’s chief food delivery business FoodPanda, shares that it has created astounding 1 bn. PKR in extra revenue for the restaurant industry in last year. Apart from online orders from mobile apps, FoodPanda has also managed to increase its customers through desktops and other online platforms. FoodPanda has amazing plans for aiding the restaurant partners and customers. This post is first published at MediaMagick’s Blog


CEO of foodpanda Pakistan Nauman Sikandar, was present at the event and shared “In last 3 years FoodPanda has helped customers to comprehend that they can spend their time following what they like, rather than cooking food. We have joined hands with numerous of expert chefs at restaurants who cook the scrumptious meals, plus we also offer the ease of ensuring it distributed right to your doorway.”


In coming years Foodpanda aims to join hands with over 7500+ restaurants located all over Pakistan. In previous year 1000 restaurants were added to the panel of FoodPanda that is a good 360% increase compared to the previous year. In addition, Foodpanda has signed partnerships with national restaurant chains, such as Sarpino’s, Nando’s, Ginsoy, McDonald’s etc. Over the last years, foodpanda has enhanced the progress of the food delivery business to 20% year on year, compared to original growth levels of around 7%.



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