FoodPandaPk Practicing Smart Strategic Alliances

FoodPanda Pakistan i.e. FoodPandaPk is in the news quite actively. They are in the news because of the continuous development on every front that is possible. Ranging from loyal customer meet-ups to bloggers’ associations and from brand collaborations to taking lion’s share in the Pakistan’s market; FoodPandaPk is doing great in its specific niche. FoodPandaPk has a team that keeps coming up with new and improved ideas to penetrate in the market, particularly keeping its target market in mind. This itself is a very huge achievement for any business to not only win the market share but also make a way straight to the hearts of its customers.

Practice 1: Advocating Cleanliness For Better Health

Photo Courtesy: FoodPandaPk Facebook

Photo Courtesy: FoodPandaPk Facebook

A better health is all because of cleanliness – this is a universal understanding. FoodPankPk has collaborated with Lifebuoy, one of the most trusted and reputed brands in hand-wash industry, and complimentarily provided Lifebuoy Hand Wash along with every delivery. This is a great reminder to wash hands before eating the ordered food. Smart alliance by FoodPandaPk; Thumbs up!

Practice 2: Providing Refreshing Drinks Free Of Cost

Photo Courtesy: FoodPandaPk Twitter

Photo Courtesy: FoodPandaPk Twitter

What else is needed with a scrumptious food? Probably a refreshing drink, right? Imagine if on every ordered food delivery customers get refreshing free drinks, wouldn’t that be a big plus? Yes, it definitely is and FoodPandaPk has actually nailed it by handing free Olper’s Lassi (a refreshing liquid snack that combines the goodness of milk and yoghurt). Customers have hugely appreciated this freebie from FoodPandaPk. Quite an amazing collaboration with Olpers!

Practice 3: Being Mobile Friendly

foodpandapk telenorapps collaboration

Today, everyone is 24/7 active on their smartphones and is mostly connected with the Internet. Keeping the increased number of mobile phone users FoodPandaPk came out with a mobile app and the time-saving app is available on “Telenor Apps”. Telenor is a dependable brand name in Pakistan’s market and collaborating with such a brand is a great way to deliver flawless results to one’s customers. FoodPandaPk is one of the fewest companies which is going extra mile with calculated and regular intervals.

Take Home Lesson From FoodPandaPk For Businesses


O – Always try to upgrade your business as per the market needs; that can only be possible after careful study of current market and gauging upcoming trends.

O – Look for better collaborations and strategic alliances that not only support your business ideology but also help in taking your business to another level.

O – Constantly come up with new and better ideas, have debate (logical & rational) and implement as soon as you can.

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