German Food Festival At Avari Towers “Hallo German Das Essen”

I love to try different cuisines. This is one of the reasons why I am very experimental in terms of trying multiple food cuisines. Recently, I visited Avari Towers Karachi for a meeting and came to know that they are celebrating German Food Festival. Out of curiosity, I planned to try German food. I have heard that German food is pretty bland and is full of calories. So, those who are calorie conscious I might not be recommending them to read on further, but those who love food and love to eat food should definitely proceed.

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German cuisine doesn’t offer much of spices, that’s for sure. When I was going through the main course in the buffet, I noted that most of the dishes available were not even looking spicy. So, those people who prefer lesser spicy food, German Food will be something that they need to try. I tried different food items from the huge buffet and enjoyed myself with a different kind of flavor – very unlike Pakistani or French. The entire idea of Food Festivals which Avari Towers (Asia Live) is trying to come up with is experiencing different sort of food, to get acquainted with our taste buds.

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The environment is pleasant and gives a good reflection of German custom. Although I haven’t tried German Food earlier but what I read, studied and heard from friends who have had the experience of eating German Food, I can say that in Karachi, you can find authentic German Food in Asia Live, Avari Towers.

Scrumptious Food At Avari Towers Karachi

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All you need to do is, take your family and loved ones with you to the Avari Tower Karachi and enjoy an evening full of German Food which include potato dumplings, beef sausages and stroganoff, seafood cheese ravioli, different kinds of breads, stuffed chicken breast, pan friend duck breast and mutton roast along with other various poisons. This weekend, enjoy with your family and friends in German Style by saying “Hallo German Essen

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