Ginsoy Gulshan Opens Up And It’s As Expected!

If you’ll ask for good Chinese food options in Karachi then Ginsoy will be one of the names which food lovers and foodies will definitely recommend to you. There’s a reason behind that, all the franchises by Ginsoy serve tasty Chinese food and they are always on point. For any restaurant it is very significant to have consistent taste and quality; Ginsoy is one of those restaurants where you’ll find both. Recently, Ginsoy opened up its new franchise in Gulshan-e-Iqbal between Disco Bakers and Muskan. I was invited at the launch of the Ginsoy Gulshan. I’ve been to all 4 other restaurants under the umbrella of Ginsoy (i.e. 2 at Kahayaban-e-Shahbaz, Sindhi Muslim and Gulistan-e-Jauhar), and this 5th one just called to me.

Review: Ginsoy Gulshan

The restaurant is good, spacious and nicely designed (interior wise). And yes, to me it seemed quite spacious in comparison to Ginsoy Gulistan-e-Jauhar. It’s always safe to order your staple food which you usually order when you are at any restaurant’s launch. I did the same and ordered Schezwan soup to start my meal and Egg Fried Rice with Mangolian Beef for the main course.


Schezwan Soup was served in approximately 20 minutes, the usual time which other Ginsoy outlets take, so I was pretty okay with the “waiting”. Schezwan soup was as usual soothing, tasty, as per the standard quality which is served in other branches.

Ginsoy-Gulshan-Food-Review-2 Ginsoy-Gulshan-Food-Review-4

Mangolian beef was good; a little mild in taste and the beef was very moist and tender. The slices of beef were good sized with proper seasoning; plus the taste was as usual very distinctive in comparison to what other restaurants offer in the name of Mangolian beef.


The food at Ginsoy Gulshan is good and as per the benchmark which Ginsoy (group) has maintained in all the branches / outlets. The serving size is the same, and this makes me highlight the professional approach which the team of Ginsoy is following i.e. food offered in every franchise is similar in taste, smell, portion sizes and presentation (at times). This is remarkable.

If you are a regular Ginsoy visitor and living in Gulshan-e-Iqbal or close by proximities then you should be happy as you, now, don’t have to drive 50 – 60 minutes to satisfy your cravings for Ginsoy’s Chinese food! On the basis of consistency in taste and presentation I give full marks to Ginsoy Gulshan and the management / team behind it.

Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui

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