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It is always a must to eat out when shopping with friends and family. Last week I was at Dolmen Mall Clifton with a few friends who were visiting from Dubai and wanted to shop from some local yet reputed brands of Pakistan. We were exhausted and decided to eat immediately regardless of moving any further from where we were standing. We spotted Golden Chick at the extreme corner and thought to give this new eatery (at least for us) a try.

I ordered Grilled Chicken Tenders and Golden Fried Chicken. I usually like salty and tender chicken which is easy to chew and bite. Grilled Chicken Tenders were exactly as per my taste and I was amazed with the taste of those. Mostly Grilled Chicken is overdone or half-done in most of the eateries but at Golden Chick, that wasn’t the case at all. I loved what I ate and I recommend everyone who prefer grilled chicken that is nicely done and have good amount of saltiness – do try it!



Next in my list to devour was Golden Fried Chicken, well that’s the signature of Golden Chick, so it was a must try from there. The chicken was fried to good extent, you know that level where there not excessive oiliness; something which is experienced mostly when friend chicken is ordered from any food joint. This in particular gave a very nice taste. The golden layer of chicken was tasteful to every core. Beneath the golden covering, chicken was deliciously tender and nicely friend, without giving it a water-logged feel.


One thing which I would like to mention specially is that Golden Chick offer best French fries. Seriously, there are very few food joints which serve deliciously tasty and crispy fries and Golden Chick is amongst those, hands down. The buns which are served with the meal are exported and you can feel the positive difference in the taste. They are soft, flavorsome and can be consumed without applying anything over.

The other thing which I liked about Golden Chick is that you can find some interesting sidelines, which aren’t that common. From the sidelines, I recommend fried okra and Jalapeno Poppers.

Fried Okra – Golden Chick


Jalapeno Poppers – Golden Chick


It was a decent experience at Golden Chick. When in Dolmen Mall Clifton do give it a try, you won’t repent. I would rate Golden Chick 7/10; the service was on time i.e. served in 14 minutes to be exact.

Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui

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