Hamdard Pakistan Organizes Hakim Saeed Awards

Hamdard Pakistan is the name of trust, repute and research; it is undoubtedly amongst the most prestigious and oldest brands with the age of more than a century. Hakim Saeed was the pioneer of Hamdard Pakistan and he was the one whose brain child was this name. Whether they are herbal products, medicines or even publications, the name of Hamdard needs no introduction. We’ve grown up in the times when names like Naunihal, Joshaanda, Saafi, Rooh Afza and many others were present in everyone’s homes. Here’s is how Rebranded logo of Hamdard looks like;

Hamdard-Pakistan-Hakim-Saeed-Awards-Shafiq-Siddiqui 01

A few days ago, Hamdard’s new logo was rebranded and the brand celebrated prestigious awards with the name of Hakim Saeed Awards; on Twitter the follow the hashtag #HakimSaeedAwards and you’ll get to know all the details about that. The event was huge and splendid; it was organized at one of the most iconic monuments of Karachi at Mohatta Palace. Receiving Hakim Saeed Awards is impressive; it’s the symbol of pride for those who were awarded with these awards. Names like Anwar Maqsood, Anwer Masood, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Imtiaz Hasan, Dr. Adib Rizvi, Sister Ruth Lewis, Atta Urrehman and Amjad Islam Amjad along with other mammoth figures of Pakistan received this pride which is named as the #HakimSaeedAwards.

Apart from celebrities and prominent figures from government, including Muhammad Zubair (Governor Sindh), many other people attended this event. Everyone loved what they witnessed. IT was so overwhelming that some people went nostalgic and wet their eyes by recalling their childhood and the days when Hamdard positively affected their lives, in one way or the other. Legendary Talat Hussain recited the childhood memoirs of iconic Hakim Saeed – attendees were mesmerized with his voice.

Latest TVC Of Hamdard Pakistan

Here is the latest TVC of Hamdard, which definitely sets a good example of execution, as per the brand’s persona and image; along with that the copywriting skills are very nicely done.

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