How To Get Free Website Traffic?

Website traffic is the most sought element for businesses. Every business wants visitors to visit their websites on regular basis and consistently. This is one of the biggest tasks for search engine optimizers (SEOs), social media team heads and even content marketing professionals. Many professionals propose paid website traffic to their companies but what if I tell you there’s a great list of tactics and platforms which can help you in gaining free website traffic. Keep reading to explore more:

Use Social Media For Free Website Traffic


Every one of us uses social media platforms on daily basis. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn we all have developed the habit of checking our accounts at least once or twice a day. Utilize this power of social media platforms. Share quality content along with the link to the website that you want visitors on. There are times when a website doesn’t go along with the message; and that’s exactly where your creative and unique content creation quality should barge in.

Social Media Marketing is not an overnight thing – get that straight. It’s a MARATHON, not a SPRINT. It takes time, be consistent and persistent.

Youtube – A Great Source For Free Website Traffic

youtube website traffic

Videos are vital, they are a combination of visuals, audio and expression. This sums it up. Create good, impressive and eye catchy videos with good to high quality of content; you will be surprised to check website traffic, once uploading and linking your website to that video. Use Youtube, DailyMotion or even Vimeo to promote your product’s videos.

YouTube videos are highly ranked in Google. Message a few YouTube-rs and ask them to promote your video. The result will definitely be amazing. YouTube videos get thousands and tens of thousands views a month.

Email Marketing & Forums

email marketing

Join different forums that fall under your niche and start to participate in them. Use your insights, experience and observation to support your discussion. Actively participate and let others recognize you are trusted professional. This is one of the ways which gets huge traffic from others – but it can only be possible if you are really good and have sound knowledge about the topics you are participating in.

Emails are exchanged on massive level even today. Email marketing is the strongest tool to get you website traffic. If you ask anyone about how to increase website traffic, they will instantly say use email marketing. It’s a tried and tested trick for ages.

Blogs & Articles


The best content management systems are Blogger and WordPress. These are the easiest and most reliable CMS to create blogs. Load your blog with quality information that is relevant to your business, products and market niche. Next thing you should be doing is stuffing your blog with great informative and interesting blog posts and articles; linking them to the website, to get increased website traffic.

Don’t follow plagiarism ever, no matter what. Always produce unique and interesting content to post on blog. This creates authority, fan base and returning visitors.

Take Away:

The buzz killer is “There’s no such thing as Free Website Traffic” – businesses don’t have time to stay patient. If you can simultaneously utilize all the above mentioned platforms and tools then you are definitely on the right path.  

About Paid Website Traffic, wait for the next blogpost.

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