How To Increase Your Blog Readers In 5 Steps

Last time I was here, I spoke about three mistakes that bloggers make and offered some solutions to them. This week, I will tackle the age old question, “how do I get more readers to my blog?” After all, blog readers are significant for any blog.

Well, the first thing I am going to tell you is that if you want more readers to your blog, I will show you but you have to be willing to do the work. In other words, how to gain traffic to your blog is simple; however, it’s not easy; it takes patience and persistence.

Secondly, you need to know what I mean by site or blog readers not followers!

Blog readers: The people that interact, provide activity, read your articles, and support or disapprove of what you are trying (or are actually) doing of whom can also be your blog / site followers.

Followers: The people that simply “click” “Follow” or otherwise subscribe to be alerted in some way of new posts or activity on your blog while potentially doing little else on your blog or website.

For a website or blog, international blog readers are very important. So, now that you know the difference; here are five effective ways to receive more blog readers.

1. Follow Other Bloggers

This is the advice that I give to those who simply want more followers (remember: followers are different from readers).

If you want more blog readers (whether local blog readers or international blog readers), it’s going to take more participation on your end which includes (but is not solely) following other international bloggers. This is important because it lets the other bloggers know that you are interested in developing a potential relationship with them whether it just be a silent but mutual agreement to just follow each other or to keep up and interact with one another’s posts.

Although this step may be obvious to some, it is an important move in the beginning of a relationship with a blogger which is critical towards growing your readership.

2. Put Effort Into Your Writing (Take Pride in Your Work):

This may go without saying but just in case, here is a simple formula that you may want to remember:

No effort/no blog post = little/no site or blog interaction

Put some effort in and take pride in your work. It doesn’t have to be perfect but at least make sure it’s readable and portrays the message that you desire.

3. Follow, Comment, and Like Other Blog Posts Consistently:

This has been the most effect route for me BUT it takes a lot of time and genuine care for the people who have poured their hearts out over their post on their blog.

You don’t have to love them but it is important to show that you care about them and what they are speaking on. In other words, make it less about you and more about them.

Here are some ways to accomplish this:

  • Place a genuine and relevant comment onto their blog (often times, the more comments, the better).
  • Nominate them for awards (if you feel they are worthy of it)
  • Write a response to their post with a link to the post of interest
  • Give them a shout out on your blog
  • Show them that you continually read their blog by ‘liking,’ ‘commenting,’ and ‘re-blogging’ their posts.

Although this step is the most time consuming, it has proven to be the most rewarding and consistent method that I have used, especially for WordPress users.

4. Go Where the Bloggers Are:

If, like me, you are not a blogger that’s driven by SEO tactics, then you probably place a high emphasis on finding other blogs and bloggers to enhance and grow your readership.

With this said (unless you are a WordPress user), it can be difficult to find them. In this case, my advice is to go where other bloggers are advertising where you can find them such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Goodreads. You can often find this information directly on their blogs.

On the other hand, the reason why WordPress is an exception because WordPress provides a place for its users to easily access each other in the “Reader” section, therefore, it may not be as hard for WordPress users to find other blogs and bloggers.

5. Realize That it Takes Time to Grow Your Readership:

Remember that these things take time and you probably will not experience tremendous reward overnight.

So just stick with it and find your own methods, too!

Some Ways to Effectively Attract More Readers to Your Blog Include:

  • Follow Other Bloggers
  • Put Effort Into Your Writing
  • Follow, Comment, and Like Other Posts Constantly (which has been the most effective for me)
  • Realize that it takes time to grow your readership

What are the most effective ways for you to receive more followers? Leave them, below!

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