How To Increase Walk-Ins With Social Media Without Using Website

9 Ways to do wonders with Social Media Marketing!

It’s very common to hear from digital marketing professionals or consultants that one should have a proper, fully developed and seamless website with brilliant and hassle-free U/I & U/X. But the question is that how can one increase the footfall of potential or regular customers to a business if that does not have a website, all that it has is let’s say a struggling to decent social media presence on majorly used social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn (on all or a few)?

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Now, that’s a tricky thing where many consultants might keep on repeating their advice like a broken record but there are still ways with the help of which any business can not only attract potential customers but can also trick them to physically reach to the store, shop, restaurant etc.

But how can this be possible without a website?

They say,

“social media is a platform where brands take the liberty and opportunity to get personal with their potential and regular customers”.

Now that’s a beautiful thought! Isn’t it?

That’s where the entire concept of ‘building relationships’ can be tested in real life example, instead of bookish knowledge. So, keeping that concept in close focus, let’s unleash a few factors which will (hopefully) help most of the businesses to have more walk-ins without having a properly developed website but great basic marketing skills.

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You need to have a good social media marketing resource in your team with followings you can get benefited.

Do Wonders With Social Media Marketing:

1 – Use Social Media Smartly:

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Social media can save your drowning business provided you take right measures depending upon various elements which can range from strategic plan to behavior and interest of the target audience; and from a simple clearance sale on entire stock to understanding the issues faced by repeat customers by engaging with them through messengers, messages, comments, surveys and polls etc.

“Communication is the Key”

2 – Select demographics wisely:

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Social media platforms give you the ability to pin point your audience, area, moods and interest, use them intelligently. Targeted promotions mostly give better outcomes, which can result in customer acquisition. Try to play with the feature little by little and you’ll end up getting better results, at least the sort of results which might add returns.

3 – Make an effective ad-set;

Almost relevant to the earlier pointer but if you experience micro-management of the promotion you will be able to learn newer aspects which will help you in lowering cost per acquisition and increased sales.

4 – Introduce discounts and offers;

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Be it any nation, everyone loves discounts and special offers on products and services. Today, it’s not easy to earn and people are very careful in spending their hard earned money. Through your social media profiles you can introduce special offers and discounts for your customers. This way they will be interested in visiting you and buying something for themselves by availing that discounted offer. It’s as simple as that.

5 – Start referral codes and points;

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This practice needs a careful vigilance but it is very effective. Referrals work best for specialty products and services. You can introduce this for selective customers who are regular and fall under ‘Loyal customers’ head. With their referral if any new customer comes up, give them the discounts or it can be a whole different code system.

6 – Make creatives with all the ‘C’s;

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C’s of communications are continuously increasing. On social media, users and visitors look at the designs and creative posts, they read the copy and if the visuals are artistic and appealing they also press like. Try to make the copy and the creative impactful so that the user/visitor/customer starts an engagement through their comments or sharing that with their friends and family. This can bring in increased number of walk-ins

7 – Introduce quizzes with conditions;


Quizzes and polls always work. They help businesses to get more responses on their social media pages. Announcement of winners on different giveaways is one of the effective and efficient ways to get more customers either visit your shop/store or at least like your page to get frequent updates.

8 – Be actionable:

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On Facebook use a Shop Tab, on Instagram you can go for Show Now pin, and on Twitter try to share crisp message with appealing visuals with “buy now” sort of call to action line to attract more customers.

9 – Get Influencers On-board:


Pakistan is loaded with self-proclaimed social media influencers. Get the list out and weigh their social impact on their and your audience. Find the point where you both get the win-win outcome and take those influencers on-board. Record any announcement / shout out involving/featuring them and ask them to visit to your shop/store etc. This way their fans and those who have interest in the same product or service will also be there to a) meet them and b) might buy something from you as well.

I hope these tried and tested tricks will help most businesses without any website but decent social media presence. It doesn’t also mean that one shouldn’t have the website, a good website has its own merits and if both elements (i.e. social media presence and website along with a regularly updated blog) are united strategically and effectively brilliant results can be achieved.

P.S: I have experimented with all these tricks and they have helped me in different businesses  (niches) if you have any other ideas or some practices, do share your thoughts or ideas.

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