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“Education empowers you” – No matter which field you select to become a part of, the most significant thing is that you should learn about the practical world along with the knowledge shared in the books by esteemed and experienced authors. In Pakistan, there are many educational institutes but there are very few where you learn analytical skills, something that is of core importance. Recently I was invited at Karachi School of Business and Leadership i.e. KSBL and I had the honor of meeting some immensely talented, well-read and foreign qualification holding professionals.

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Dr. Zeeshan who is the Dean of KSBL not only shared his experiences but also asked about the ways through which modern day students are made to understand the dynamics of the professional world. Dr. Zeeshan discussed about the impact of digitalization on people and businesses. He also mentioned that at KSBL, students are provided with best of the mentors from reputed business organizations so that they can learn about practical problems and be able to solve any problems which may come their way. According to him analytical thinking is the key to success and prosperous future.

Dr. Jawaid Ghani is a man with astounding knowledge, no matter what the subject might be, he is extremely well-read and shares his ideology with rational justification. During our discussion, Dr. Jawaid emphasized on the importance of Data and analysis of data. He also discussed many businesses which are huge today but they all were established based on the power of data which they initially had.

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After meeting and discussing different topics with these faculty members, I can easily say that the kind of teaching style that is adopted at KSBL, where simulation is used to orientate students with real life examples, students learn to survive in cut-throat environment. Not only those, students of KSBL are fully equipped to compete against any professional based on their experiences, teachings and analytical skills.

KSBL Karachi School of Business and Leadership

I was delighted to know that students of KSBL have joined multiple multi-national companies based on their talent and aptitude. In almost every reputed and esteemed organization, students of KSBL have been appointed in key positions. With an ideology like KSBL’s and its team the future of professional education is very bright. If you want to start your masters then you must give KSBL a visit, you will learn a lot from the team at KSBL.

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