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Food affects your mood. Different cuisines have different specialties which refresh your mood. At least this is what I experience while trying different cuisines. There are days when I crave for barbecue; at times I wander about in search of South Indian food in Karachi and there are days when I want to take my family for fine dine which is not only pricey but also offers unique and great taste. Recently I visited Lazzo de Cafe, which is newly launched at SMCHS in Karachi. I got to know about it from a friend who attended the launch event where Faysal Qureshi was also invited as the chief guest. I do rely on my friend’s recommendations as we have similar taste-buds. So, I decided to give Lazzo a go and visited the cozy place with my family.

Lazzo De Cafe is located right next to Royal Juice Center at Sindhi Muslim and the interior is all minimalist and very spacious; something which me and my wife liked. The intriguing thing was that the menu was in French, and the English translation was written right beside it. We appreciated the attention to detail and this unique menu as this gave us an insight to what the dish is actually called in French and the translation made it easier for us to place our order. By the way, full marks to the server who made sure to explain each and every dish we asked about.

Lazzo is a 4 course meal café and we decided to order starters, appetizers, main course and dessert. We ordered Soupe De Poulet Au Citron (Chicken Lemon soup) and Salade Orientale Speciale Lazzo (Oriental Salad). Chicken Lemon soup was full of mixed aroma of chicken stock and piquant lemon. The taste was intense, in my words; it had the kick to clear down my throat with the warmth and tanginess. I am not a salad person, but my wife is, and she loved the oriental salad. According to her the combination of roasted peanuts with cherry tomatoes and shrimps along with bell pepper and the dressing made that salad unique – something that’s no one else is serving in the close proximity. So, the starter was a good 8.5/10.

Lazzo De Cafe - Chicken Lemon Soup Shafiq Siddiqui Lazzo De Cafe - Oriental Salad Shafiq Siddiqui 1
Lazzo De Cafe - Oriental Salad Shafiq Siddiqui

Then we were served with Lanleres De Dindu Au Poulet (Chicken Turkey Strips). The combination of chicken and turkey was delicious in every bite, but with the honey mustard dip it increased yumminess of the experience. Imagine these with filled Mozzarella cheese, garlic and bell peppers; I personally couldn’t stop myself from eating them all. They were fresh, crispy from outer side and tender from within. Next we ordered Crispy Calamari and it was the “Star” of the menu with the sweet and spicy sauces. I simply don’t have the words to express how delighted I was after tasting it. Experience 9/10

Lazzo De Cafe - Chicken Turkey Strips Shafiq Siddiqui Lazzo De Cafe - Crispy Calamari Shafiq Siddiqui

For the main course we ordered Pomodoro Steak and Poisson Au Saffron (Saffron Fish). I am a hardcore steak lover and the kind of steak I had at Lazzo De Cafe can be defined as the juiciest, pinkish and brilliantly medium rare kind which is very hard to find in Karachi to be honest. Pomodoro sauce was a combination of garlic chilies and tomato sauce made differently; it’s definitely a spice lover’s delight. I can go Lazzo De Cafe again and again for Pomodoro Steak – highly recommended. Experience 9/10

Lazzo De Cafe - Pomodoro Steak Shafiq Siddiqui 1 Lazzo De Cafe - Pomodoro Steak Shafiq Siddiqui 2

My wife ordered Saffron Fish, it was decently crisp from the outer surface, for me it was a little bland, she seemed to find it okay but what she loved was the creamy sauce filled with shrimps and calamari. Her experience 7.5/10

Lazzo De Cafe - Safron Fish Shafiq Siddiqui 1 Lazzo De Cafe - Safron Fish Shafiq Siddiqui 2

We also ordered Chocolate Lava Cake and that wasn’t as per our taste-buds as we like it a little sweeter but what Lazzo De Cafe serves in the name of Chocolate Lava Cake is a little bitter chocolate which might be loved by those who “love” dark chocolate, preferably from Lindt.

Lazzo De Cafe - Chocolate Lava Cake Shafiq Siddiqui

“Lazzo De Cafe Final Verdict”

My overall experience at Lazzo De Café was very good and it is going to be one of those spots where I’d love to go. Plus, it’s a decent place to take your special friend, spouse and loved ones, on whom you’d love to spend money. Lazzo De Café is a quality dine-in place. My total bill was around 6,800/- PKR. The price point was excellent and it was value for money.

Lazzo De Cafe is highly recommended. For authentic French cuisine, don’t wander around just be there at Lazzo.

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