What Makes Facebook Fan Pages Addictive

If there’s one thing that people never want to digitally miss, it would be having Facebook fan pages. This is particularly relevant to both businesses and individuals who are promoting a product, service, advocacy or anything else.

Facebook Fan Pages could be addictive due to the wide range of possibilities you can do with it. It offers a whole new level of chances for your business or your identity to reach a maximum number of Facebook Fans.

1. Professional looking Facebook Fan Pages

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Compared to simple Facebook profiles, Facebook fan pages look way better in a professional sense. It enables your business to have a more defined look and it allows you to do whatever you want to heighten your promotion.

2. Enhanced Exposure to Potential Clients

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You can reach a wider network of client base if you start to establish your Facebook fan page. You just have to build the initial base of FB Fans, and you can eventually tap their circles in the long run. One of the best Facebook marketing tips is to keep these potential clients engaged so the chances of conversion rate will remain high.

3. Lower Your Marketing Expenses

Investment Expenses

Creating a Facebook fan page is totally free. You will only shell out cash once you decide to maximize their adverts. Also, Facebook ads are relatively cheaper compared to the amount you need in having traditional print, TV and radio ads. Most importantly, it is super mega targeted. You get your ads right in front of the exact market you desire.

4. Gather More Leads

It is wise to get the email addresses and contact information of your FB Fans so you can do constant follow-up to them. You can obtain these leads by creating contests or having giveaways and so on. However, avoid bombarding these leads with a whole bunch of daily emails. Maintain a healthy and less annoying frequency of sending them electronic messages.

5. Ability to Assign Admin Roles

When you use the Facebook platform as your business Page, you can assign admin roles like the insights analyst, advertiser, moderator, content creator, and manager. If you have multiple team members that manage your page, you just have to assign them any of these roles. They will serve as the moderators to keep the engagement between you and your target audience. Having people that help you out in managing your account is part of the Facebook tips you should note. Multitasking is never ideal for you.

6. Access to Advertising


You can opt for Facebook ads which open more doors of opportunities in heightening your Facebook marketing campaign. It has a whole bunch of advantages that can help your brand presence be felt online.

7. Reach a Targeted Audience


You can choose which types of audience will see your ads. You are free to choose their profiles such as age, gender, location, profession, etc. You can even schedule the exact time your ads will be seen by these targeted people.

8. Facebook Insights: Access to Mounds of Data

Facebook insights can help you assess your entire marketing performance. You can check here the amounts of likes you’ve attained. The extent of engagements you’ve gained and a whole lot more. This helps you know what works and what doesn’t, so you can craft a good plan for your next Facebook marketing move.

9. Increase Your Web Traffic

Facebook Fan Pages addictive

You, of course, indicate a link of your site on your posts and on your page. As soon as you’ve attracted the interest of your fans, more users will eventually come visit your site. This increases the traffic on your site which is close to having multiplied revenues.

10. Boost SEO

A lion share of search distribution in Google comes from social media sites including Facebook. This goes to show that your SEO quest is also being lifted high by this social media approach.

These are just of the big reasons why many people are addicted in updating their Facebook fan pages. It serves as a solid tool that sheds lights towards their individual success path.


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