Well Spent Mother’s Day – Marvelous Mums Munch At Avari Towers Karachi

Just like every year, I decided to surprise my mother on the Mother’s Day. So, I planned to take her out on lunch rather than on a dinner. We usually have a practice of going out at dinners on Mother’s Day; but this time it was a little different. I came to know about the Marvelous Mums Munch at Avari Towers Karachi on the Mother’s Day. I frequently visit Avari Towers Karachi, that’s one of the reasons why I feel so relaxed and at home there.

When we reached there it was an amazing sight, seriously; I could spot many families enjoying the Marvelous Mums Munch at Avari Towers Karachi with great enthusiasm. There were younger and older couples with their kids busy in making more memories to add in their lives. The singer was singing songs relevant to the Mother’s Day; there was a huge range of food from different cuisines like Pakistani, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American and list continues. From Halwa Puri to Chicken Tapenyaki, roasted beef to nachos with salsa sauce and from feerni to Ferrero Rochers cake all the scrumptious food option were there.

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It was a pleasant experience as we could find food suitable for everyone’s taste, dahi baray, mixed seafood salad, German potatoes, apple and cabbage salad along with Greek and Mexican salad; what else can you ask for in a buffet? Along with various salad options there were also a great number of options for munching like on bite samosas, spring rolls, French fries, finger fish, sliced beef and chicken marinated in multiple sauces; the citric and sweet combination was just amazing for those who love to eat unique and tasty food.

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I really like Chicken Tapenyaki, I tried it at Japanese Food Festival at Avari Towers earlier and the taste is consistent, which is a plus. Beef Teriyaki was moist, juicy and had the perfect blend of needed flavors. Prawn Tempuras were a little bland but that’s how they actually are, with the sauce they were “bomb”. I loved the Chicken Bihari Boti, it was high on spices and salt – real deal for spice lovers. Mini Beef Steaks a little chewy, not as per my preferred taste but my wife liked it and so did my mother.

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Mutton Chop Masala was one of the hottest items as I spotted many people rushing towards it. Finger fish was fresh and smell free; so it’s a plus. There were so many other dishes which I even couldn’t explore as I was stuffed with what I had in my reach. Such a lunch is heavenly. My mother also loved the food and the range.

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The dessert options are varied at Avari Towers Karachi, something I love the most as I have sweet tooth. Ferrero Rochers cake was the highlight, followed by perfect Gulab Jamuns and Mango Mousse. By the way my mother won the lucky draw gift from Musarrat Misbah. I wish could have stayed longer there but my junior had to return home to sleep; but it was a marvelous experience at Marvelous Mums Munch at Avari Towers Karachi. My family was happy for the finest selection and we returned satisfied – at the end of the day this “satisfaction” counts. Right?

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