Master Cola Ad Featuring Shahid Afridi Is Anything But Creative

Ads In Review: Master Cola TVC With Shahid Afridi

Beverage industry of Pakistan is very competitive but unfortunately gone are the days of 90’s and early 2000’s when we used to watch beverage (read: cola) TVCs which were not only loaded with the heartthrob celebrities but also backed with outstanding concepts and content. Today beverage brands are trying to either shift Pakistani culture by making baseless (bogus) ads or are showing unrealistic stunts to make them feel “next-level” accomplished. It looks like that advertising industry of Pakistan is going bonkers on continuous basis; probably “Never say die” approach by Duracell.

Recently, I happened to watch the TVC of Master Cola which features Boom Boom Afridi. In this ad, he is shown doing what he does best in the TVCs i.e. just appear up and read his lines with over joyous mood! I mean just look at the frame where he says “Chhotay Champ”, if you don’t find anything wrong with that, you seriously need to get checked yourself by psychiatrist for not observing the over-enthusiastic approach of Shahid Afridi. And the way this kid responds – takes the abhorring experience to another level, without stopping what he has to say; Chhotay Champ you need a KitKat for a break!


This ad is not less than any torture because of its pathetic copywriting, zero creativity and below average execution. Even a tasteless rookie in advertising field will be shocked to see the way those 3 Master Cola come out from that god-knows what piece of furniture. The way Shahid Afridi says “Master Cola Piyo Gay” looks highly inspired from “Excuse Me, Kiya Aap Bhi?”

Ads like Master Cola’s are examples of how not to make an ad. Such TVCs give a bad impression of the advertising industry of Pakistan. This is one of the reasons why I chose the TVC of Master Cola to feature in Ads In Review. If you need any other ads to be reviewed please do get in touch!

Credits of Master Cola TVC

Directed By Kaleem Sohail

Producer: Jahanzaib Obaid Khan

DOP: Zain Haleem

Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui

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