Meat The Cheese Satisfied My Craving For Cheese and Meat

We all know that Karachi is indeed the most happening place in Pakistan and Karachiites love “quality” food; this is one of the reasons why the city is popping up with some great eateries for the last few years. Being a foodie and a food blogger, my friends recommend me to visit eateries and share my opinion with them, this time it was “Meat The Cheese” which came highly recommended by a few people whose taste buds match with mine. Last Friday, I visited the place on Bukhari Commercial, Defence during the lunch hours and to my surprise the place was full. We had to wait for good 25 minutes before placing the order.

I always appreciate when the staff is well-informed about the details of the menu any eatery is offering; as it was my first time at Meat The Cheese, I asked for their specialty, the server recommended a few names and then we placed our order i.e. Tender Lovin Loin, Chipotle Beef-ef, Wicked Mushrooms, Cheesy Chic on the Stick and Mojitos. The order was efficiently and quickly served without delaying.

First came starters; Wicked Mushrooms were filled with pepperoni and cheese rolled up in decent batter which were served with crispy outer layer along with the dip. I’d rate that a good. We were also served with Cheesy Chic on the Stick, with the name you can guess that I am talking about chicken strips covered with creamy cheese and served over French fries.

Meat-the-cheese-shafiq-siddiqui-9 Meat-the-cheese-shafiq-siddiqui-10

We weren’t even done with our starters completely and main course was served; that’s what a very fast service seems like. The steak “Tender Lovin Loin” is by far the juiciest, very tender, and most evenly pinkish steak I’ve had in Karachi. This can fall under the best steaks without a slightest doubt. The taster was genuinely authentic and with the sauce it added the kick to the flavor.


Chipotle Beef-ef burger was hugely loaded, filled with scrumptious meat; the patty was fresh, dense and had a very unique taste which stood out even when the sauces were added over it. If you are looking for burger that’s meant to be messy, satisfying and high on quality then this one won’t disappoint you at all.


The Mojito was very strong, as per my taste but my friend liked it a lot. So, if you like some extra kick in your drinks then there are chances that you’ll end up ordering another one.

Overall Experience At Meat The Cheese

Out of 5 stars, based on my taste, I’d rate:

Wicked Mushrooms – 3.5 / 5

Cheesy Chic On The Stick – 3 / 5

Chipotle Beef-ef – 4 / 5

Tender Lovin Loin – 5 / 5

Mojito – 3.5 / 5

So, my overall experience at Meat The Cheese was 4/5; based on taste, service, environment and value for money. We were billed approx. 4200/- PKR which seemed quite fine including 2 starters, 2 main courses and 3 drinks. The food is of high quality; it just doesn’t satisfy your hunger but also fulfills your cravings for cheese and meat. I skipped my dinner, as I was so stuffed.Meat-the-cheese-shafiq-siddiqui-3 Meat-the-cheese-shafiq-siddiqui-2

If you are living in Karachi or visiting here, and a food lover who love to eat quality stuff, then Meat The Cheese should be in your “go-to” list. Highly Recommended!

Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui

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