Mocca Coffee Karachi – Food Review By Shafiq Siddiqui

There is no denying the fact that Karachiites love to eat, and their love for food is what is encouraging eateries to sprout everywhere. Yes, exactly that. Especially, in Defence side; you go by a lane one day and the next time you go through there, a new eatery has opened up. And the thing is, with so many new eateries opening up in Karachi, the food scene should be a complete wreck; which in fact is not true. Food culture for Karachi is evolving with every new eatery opening up. Eateries and restaurants have become creative in the pursuit of impressing their customers and foodies. From using exotic and foreign ingredients to naming their dishes creatively; restaurants and eateries have taken their game one notch up.

Recently, the name of Mocca Coffee Karachi kept popping up in conversations around me and I decided to try out the food to see what the café is all about. Mocca Coffee is a new age café which is an amazing place to hold small and intimate meetings, meeting friends or just socializing. I went there during lunch hours and found the place somewhat packed. The first thing I noticed upon entering was that it was not loud and boisterous like most cafes these days. It wasn’t exactly quiet but the low murmur of chatter was actually soothing. Set in the modern seating style, café boasted a calming and peaceful environment. Despite being a modern café, Mocca Coffee Karachi seemed different immediately upon entering. The white walls, are except for the splashes of color in the form on wall pictures, gave an airy and open quality to the café. I chose a seat in the corner and the server immediately came over with the menu. One thing I really liked about Mocca Coffee Karachi, is that the serving staff was efficient, but didn’t hover constantly over the shoulder.

The menu was extensive and it was difficult for me to decide what to order. I ordered loaded nachos and asked the server to serve nachos first while I went through the rest of the menu.  I am a steak person. I love the tradition beef chunk as a steak as well as the continental version with beef along with cheese, olives and mushroom all smothered in sauce. I settled for Shataki Steak. My nachos were served while I was still going through the menu which suited me perfectly. Nachos were indeed loaded. Topped with jalapeno peppers, olives, tomatoes, beans, chicken, red onions, spring onion and mozzarella and chedder cheese, served with Mocca signature ranchero sauce and spicy salsa verde. For me, what stood out related to nachos was that perfect salsa sauce. I like my food spicy and that Salsa was spicy and then some. I liked nachos and if I had anyone there with me I wouldn’t have shared those no matter what. Corn nachos were crunchy. Although the sour cream rancher sauce was not outstanding; it was okay. It lacked the kick of lime.

Mocca-Coffee-Karachi-food-review-shafiq-siddiqui-2 Mocca-Coffee-Karachi-food-review-shafiq-siddiqui-6

The Shataki beef steak was served as soon as my empty nachos platter was whisked off. The beef steak was well done as per my instructions. Served with grilled vegetables and French fries, beef steak tasted good. The beef fillet was not overly dry. It is supposed to be a little dry since it was well done. A little spicy, it was not exactly the best steak I have ever had but it was not really bad. The cut of the beef was right and the temperature correct.

Mocca-Coffee-Karachi-food-review-shafiq-siddiqui-2 Mocca-Coffee-Karachi-food-review-shafiq-siddiqui-3

In the end I had Tiramisu and Latte. It was the perfect end to a good meal. Tiramisu was the perfect combination of bitter sweet. Latte was spot on. Not too strong, not too milky.


Verdict: Mocca Coffee Karachi

Mocca Coffee Karachi is a great place to relax, carry on your work while eating or simply to go with friends or colleagues. It offers a diversified menu including healthy and light repast to main courses. Shataki steak is not what I’d go back for but the chicken Panini, Tandoori Sandwich and Pasta Arabiata served to the table beside mine looked scrumptious. I will go back to check these or may be tryout other things on the menu.

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