This Mother’s Day, Giveback To Your Mother

Mothers are special – they love their kids unconditionally. With every child a mother is born and reborn. From whatever a mother goes through can never be returned from any kid in the entire universe but there are still some moments of kindness and love which we can create for our mothers who are forever-supportive, always loving and life-time well-wisher. This Mother’s Day try to be different, just a little, we all end up answering that every day is a Mother’s Day but do we actually give our time to our moms; at times we are busy with term-reports, office presentations, new clients’ plans and in our friend’s circle along with our new families (for those who are married and blessed with kids). Most of us get so busy in daily routine that we hardly sit with our moms and discuss their day to day routine. So, this Mother’s Day spend some time with the one who brought you in this world, after Almighty.

Make the most gorgeous and angelic beauty (your mom) smile. Don’t let this moment slip away from your hands. Hold it tight! After all it won’t be her who’ll be smiling only; you’ll notice yourself emotionally smiling too. The bond is so strong, it radiates emotions.

How To GiveBack To Your Mother?

Keep your mother happy. It’s very simple, following are a few ways to surprise her pleasantly;

1 – Wear a color which she likes on you, mothers love all their kids in every color and attire but there are still some special ones,

2 – Take her out to the dinner or lunch, whichever is convenient for you both,

3 – Present her a gift from any of her favorite brands (my mom’s favorite is Bareeze and Royal Silk Center), once she used to wear back in the days when she was independent enough to take the keys of the car and head to her favorite shops,

4 – If you are out of time, and this seems a last minute call then for your convenience TCS Sentiments is there, book a bouquet and any gift from your choice and get them delivered to her; watch her receive the delivery and you will love it the most – trust me.

The #GiveBack Contest By TCS Sentiments

There is a contest running on TCS sentiments’ Facebook page, you can visit it to fetch more details. Brands like Jazz, Khaadi and Tang etc. are collaborating with TCS Sentiments and they might be of some good value, so check those out as well. In order to win the contest carried out on Facebook page of TCS Sentiments, you can participate and get a chance to win some exciting prizes. Try your luck, who knows you might win something for your mom or yourself.

Do remember one thing, it is always good to make the most out of the small moments, they help you build lasting and pleasant memories. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui

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