Nando’s Pakistan – The Espetada Carnival Experience

Last week, I was invited at Nando’s for scavenger hunt and to experience the Espetada Carnival. There were many other bloggers, Vloggers and Instagrammers as well to participate in the activity. The entire hunt was interestingly planned as it has all the essential elements which made everyone on their toes. We were divided in the team of 5 individuals and the fun began at the Sindhi Mulim branch. After performing a little activity at the SMCHS branch we headed to Nando’s Seher branch and then from there we went to Boat Basin, where we had a great time.

At the Boat Basin branch, we were greeted by Khurram Suleman, who made us all do interesting and funny stuff. The guy is amazing when it comes to improvisation acts of laughter. Khurram made sure he kept his audience alive and enthusiastic during the entire session he conducted. There was a quiz as well which kept everyone engaged. Last but definitely not the least we were all treated with scrumptious food at the Nando’s.

The food tasted amazing, I went for the extra hot as I prefer the spices to take the lead on my taste bud. The chicken was tender, moist, and marinated very well and made me enjoy every bite. It had the perfect aroma, along with the decent taste. The Espetada is definitely a must try at Nando’s. I can easily recommend it to all those who love chicken. Nando’s is definitely taking its food to another level by constantly improving its standards.

Luckily we (Team: Shafiq) were the winners of the Scavenger hunt and I give entire credit to my brilliant, fast and the furious team:


Faraz Ahmed: The Crazy Gentleman and Crazier Driver!

Aesha Binte Abubakar: The Girl With Winning Streak

Zain Awan: The Guy Who Knows The Ins And Outs Of Karachi “The Route Master”

Ammara Binte Abubakar: The Lucky Charm

We were handed over with what we won through Faiza Saleem, the funny girl who can pull any kind of crowd with her witty one-liners.

I would like to mention one thing that Nando’s Pakistan has successfully carried an amazing activity along with the digital buzz which it created through involving social media influencers from different social media platforms. Nando’s Pakistan should keep on doing such activities as these activities share how much a brand is willing to take itself to the next level.

At the end of the day it is all about good food and fun, and Nando’s Pakistan succeeded in giving its guests an evening full of “moments to cherish”.

#TasteTheCarnival – At Nando’s Pakistan

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