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LinkedIn is one of the ace professional social media networks. Being a digital strategist, I always support LinkedIn because of its power. LinkedIn certainly has many powers for professionals, provided they use it in the best possible manner. LinkedIn is amongst those social media platforms where there is a high probability of meeting professionals in person or even virtually. In order to stand out on LinkedIn you should have a strong profile which highlights your skills, titles, niche and industry. Why? Because you want an opportunity, right? Let’s explore how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile and enjoy the perks:

Relevant Head Line:

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Headline plays the most significant role. For instance, I am a digital marketer by profession for the last 10 years with inclination over content marketing / writing and social media page management. So, I used the keywords which are related to my industry (i.e. Content Consultant, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing). Furthermore, I regularly blog about entertainment, social media tips and techniques, ad reviews and multiple other topics; so, I have also added “Blogger” in my headline.

Clear Head-shot:

It’s always nice to keep updating your profile picture with your headshot every year. There are some people who change their looks over the period of time, so it’s always good to upload recent head-shot with minimal distractions in the background.

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Highlighting Relevant And Significant information:

As soon as someone starts to review and go through your profile they should have the clear idea about your professional associations, designations and skills. So, from the most recent job to the oldest, list all your relevant job titles with detailed information so that the ones who are going through your profile can have a better idea about your personality, experience and expertise.

Skills – Very Crucial

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If you think you have any skill, write it! That’s the simplest rule. Try to reach out to people (peers, colleagues, superiors, subordinates and even friends) to vote or endorse you on the skills which you have mentioned in your profile. This gives a positive impression about you.

You should also share some love by adding skills to other’s profiles along with writing recommendations and asking from them. Recommendations are very important if you are looking or better opportunities.

Fill Your LinkedIn Profile As Much As Possible:

If you want to take your profile to the next level then you should fill your profile as much as you can with you courses, accomplishments, special tasks or voluntary works; sky is the limit. You can also play on your language skills – the more languages you know, the better it is. If you think you can write on certain topics then take full command and write posts on LinkedIn, this way you will get noticed by professionals from similar industry and niche

LinkedIn-Optimization-Shafiq-Siddiqui 2If you want to know about any other topic, please drop a message or email me, so that I can help you with that – with whatever knowledge I have in that domain.

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