When In Doubt, Stick To Plan A and Not Plan B

Karachi is mushroomed up with so many eateries that it gets quite hard to pick in terms of deciding which one to visit. Recently with my friends, I visited Plan B Buntastic Stuff at Bukhari Commercial. The place seemed good for a friends’ get-together, it isn’t huge, and almost have a capacity of 15 – 20 people at the most. We ordered the food, ranging from doodh patti chai to Istanboly Adana.

Plan B Buntastic Stuff Food Review 2 Plan B Buntastic Stuff Food Review 1

Istanboly Adana was loaded with Adana Kebab topped with creamy sauce, onions and red sauce which they named buntastic sauce. It was juicy, tender and offered a mix blend of meat and powering sauces.

Plan B Buntastic Stuff Food Review 3

Mac N Stuff was a modified form of Mac N Cheese with macaroni served over the bun with lots of cheese, mushrooms and chicken covered in creamy Alfredo sauce. It was bland and light on taste not something which is already available in the eateries. I might not be ordering Mac N Stuff again that’s for sure; probably not as per my palate.

9 Plan B Buntastic Stuff Food Review 4

Philly Cheese Steak was served with steak bites covered with cheese, capsicum and onions. It was definitely something try from Plan B Buntastic Stuff. The steak was tender, juicy and easy to chew; plus generously topped with cheese. The bun was broiled nicely.

Plan B Buntastic Stuff Food Review 5

We also ordered Doodh Patti, French Fries and Gelato buns with strawberry yogurt. Out of these Doodh Patti was good and towards the stronger sides.

Plan B Buntastic Stuff Food Review 6

All in all it was an average experience at Plan B Buntastic Stuff, Istanboly Adana and Philly cheese Steak saved our evening from getting it ruined in terms of good taste. We were billed around 2,500/- PKR. Not planning to visit Plan B anytime sooner, but if you are looking for a quieter place where you can hang out with just a few of your friends, you may visit Plan B.

Over all experience At Plan B Buntastic Stuff:

Servers: 3.5/5*

Food/Taste: 3/5*

Ambiance: 2.5/5*

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