Blogging Is A Profession Nutheads And Not A Freebie Marathon!

In Pakistan, blogging is considered as some sort of curse to those who are associated with this field, yes, to your surprise blogging is a field. Every other person thinks that they have the license to degrade and talk filth about bloggers in Pakistan. I have seen many dumb fanatics who know jack shit about the niche of blogging yet participate in every other group, page, discussion, social media platform and gatherings about what blogging is and how it should be done; to all those I’d only say “Do you even know the ‘B’ of blogging?” Blogging is a serious profession, at least outside Pakistan and people (bloggers) are earning both money and respect.

Blogging: As Per The Survey

According to an international survey, quoted in Life Hacker, with a sample size of 1,500 bloggers disclosed that 9 percent of them were earning between 1,000 to 10,000 US Dollars, 4 percent make earn over 10,000 US Dollars and the remaining ones earn approx. 3 to 4 US Dollars per day (the survey was conducted in 2015)

Now just imagine, there must be some professional dynamics associated with the field of blogging, due to which bloggers are earning this great deal out of ‘only’ blogging.

Digital Marketing & Blogging:

A few weeks ago, I started a poll on Twitter asking people (mostly from blogging and digital industry of Pakistan) “Is #Blogging part of #DigitalMarketing strategy?” The results were interesting. Here, have a look;

professional blogging 1Digital marketing encompasses three main domains

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Under the head of Content Marketing there is content creation and content development along with other categories and blogging falls under content marketing as it is a tactic to engage more and more customers.

The shocking thing is that many so called pro digital marketing professionals don’t even know much about blogging, yet they discourage blogging in Pakistan.

Now that we are drawing lines between the dots to understand what blogging is, it should be clear that blogging is part of digital marketing. Businesses need blogging and bloggers to effectively communicate their message (branded / personalized) to get user engagement. Now comes another question i.e.

Should Blogging Be Paid Or Not?

This is the most ridiculous question one can ever ask for. Should you be paid for your job? Should you be paid for the tasks which help you run your kitchen? If yes then blogging should also be paid. Brands need blogging for promotion of their services and products. Bloggers are hired to create engaging content with storytelling skills to keep people’s interest in the brand. This is one way of earning through blogging.

Most of the Pakistanis are oblivious to the fact that international multi-national organizations including telecommunications, FMCGs, fashion labels, gadget industries etc. have been using blogging as part of their digital marketing strategy for years now. So, bloggers are paid to create hype and buzz through their blogs, reviews and opinions.

Unfortunately in Pakistan, people cannot digest that bloggers can earn too that’s why people go gaga over bloggers and blogging. According to some, blogging shouldn’t be biased; well the fundamentals of blogging include a specific direction which can be in favor, against or related to just providing information to the readers. People usually mix ranting and blogging and go out on a war if someone decides to promote any brand in Pakistan.

Just like celebrities, cricketers and media persons, bloggers have influence over their readers. If any leading actor or actress can promote and endorse any product or brand why can’t a blogger do the same? If a celebrity can endorse two competing products why can’t a blogger do the same? Sadly, Pakistan is way behind in digital development and people associated with digital industry are exploiting it. Majority of them hardly know any genuine grounds to support their arguments and keep pulling the legs of those who are planning to develop an industry.

Blogging In Pakistan:

I started a poll on twitter about “Is #Blogging an industry in Pakistan yet?’, to my surprise the answers astonished me;

professional blogging 2

Actually, there are many bloggers in Pakistan who truly are instagrammars, Twitteratie or Facebook Page owners; they consider them as bloggers – they are not. Hilariously, many digital agencies also list them as bloggers; and this is where the problem lies; you cannot call every Tom, Dick and Harry a blogger. There should be a line drawn between micro bloggers, bloggers and social media influencers. Not everyone is a blogger because not everyone can follow the content direction, brand’s message and add creative storytelling in their content to engage customers and target audience. One can only be called a blogger if they have own a blog and preferably active ones. Do not discredit those who spend hours perfecting their every word, every sentence to make a blog post perfect by calling writers of 140 characters, bloggers. I have huge respect for micro bloggers and social media influencers but they have different audience and it should be openly acknowledged that they are not bloggers.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Is A Profession Nutheads And Not A Freebie Marathon!

  1. Too good. Blogging is a profession and needs respect.

  2. You explained it gracefully. Just wanted to add my 2 cents, though i am not an expert yet, but blogging alone is now not as much profitable as it used to be. One needs to be a master of social media, micro blogging (twitter) in order to gain audience. Waiting alone for indexing of blogs (even if you are a seasoned one) will take a long time and will probably let you loose all your hope.

    So, yes it is a profession. But bloggers are now a part of the mix that we all call content marketing.

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