Rooh Afza Eid Mubarak – An Apt Extension

Recently, in Ramazan, Rooh Afza came with a TVC titled Rooh Afza Ramzan Mubarak. The TVC showed the bonding between the grandfather and the grandchild, and it was appreciated by many. now, the brand has released another, extended TVC titled Rooh Afza Eid Mubarak. This TVC takes the story forward between the granddad and grandson. Here is the new TVC, please have a look.

Rooh Afza Eid Mubarak – TVC:

The new ad is also engaging and highlights the bonding between the two main characters. This new TVC by Rooh Afza is all about spending quality time with friends and family members. Trying to reach out to them and letting them know that they are important for them. After all, it’s the family and friends who provide support to an individuals.

In this ad the way grandson makes the dessert for his grandfather is quite adorable. Plus, the way the entire TVC is executed, shot and communicates the message of being together and caring for one another is very pleasing. All the small elements have been taken in to consideration with utmost care and focus. The way grandfather hands over the Eidi to the kid and how excited he looks; then the kid, being happy, makes special dessert for his grandfather is one cute way of showing how close their bond and relationship is.

Rooh Afza Eid mubarak 1

Ads campaigns like Rooh Afza Eid Mubarak are very necessary for the society to highlight the significance of the relationships. The bond shown in this ad is a good way to preach that we should always give time to our elders and follow them in every way we can. People should invest their time in their families. It’s the family which stands with you in thick and thin. never take family for granted. Rooh Afza has always emphasized on family values and being together. This is the reason why Rooh Afza is considered as the brand for the entire family. Everyone in the family can relate to the new TVC of Rooh Afza.

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