Shaffer By Grace Fabrics – Turning Boys In To Men

A man is known by what he wears along with the attitude he carries. These are the words which are taught to almost every boy once in their lifetime. It is actually very significant to have a genuine style along with a distinctive sense of what to wear and what not. For those men who appreciate quality, sophistication and grace in their dressing style, it becomes quite difficult to find apt clothing store in Pakistan because we don’t have the mindset of custom-made attire in here. People, because of limited choice, are offered with dresses which aren’t as per their fits and the cuts are at times not proper as per their physique. Finding a good and genuinely “Strict” Menswear clothing store in Karachi is a relief. I am talking about recently launched menswear store Shaffer by Grace Fabrics at Lucky One Mall, Karachi.

Check out this video, it is brilliantly shot and precisely shares what the brand “Shaffer By Grace Fabrics” is all about!

Shaffer By Grace Fabrics Menswear Store Launch

Brand Reputation And Customers’ Convenience

Grace Fabric is in the market for the last 30 plus years and specializes in traditional wear, plus the management claims that they offer the finest cotton available in the market. With what I have personally witnessed the way they are dealing their customers is quite advanced and satisfying. They have unique style of showcasing the fabric and design to their customers which helps in saving a lot of time, both for customers and salesperson. They want the experience of their customers to be full of convenience and time-saving. With multiple fabric cards and color choices the selection is made easier; plus the sample piece is also showcased once the customer shares the final option.


For Custom-made And Ready-made Dressing

Shaffer by Grace Fabrics is a brand name that is backed by the experienced minds which made Grace Fabrics an international name. If you are looking for classy designs and premium quality then Shaffer is a must-visit menswear store for you. The best part is that a customer can also get a custom-made shirt and suit in the same price of the ready-made one.IMG_4028

Turning Boys In To Men With Panache

Shaffer by Grace Fabrics is turning boys in to men because it emphasizes more on quality, style, proper cuts, better colors and designs which aren’t easy to fetch in the market. The quality of the cotton that is available at Shaffer is praiseworthy and those who have an eye for fine quality dressing cannot overlook the dresses, shirts, suiting available here.


Even the prices at Shaffer starts from a reasonable range of 1,600/- PKR and goes up to 8,000/- PKR and this is quite cost friendly.


If you are planning to up your dressing game then you should pay a visit to Shaffer by Grace Fabrics and you will definitely explore something unique and as per your taste, provided you want to take your dressing and styling to the next level.

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