Slamvich – Smacking, Stuffed And Juicy Sandwiches

A few weeks ago, I was working on a project for an offshore food chain and had to get a creative made from the designer. The creative needed to showcase a loaded sandwich, like really loaded and stuffed one; nothing like what we usually see here in Karachi which mostly signify “healthy-diet”. I continued to search and a few pictures fueled my hunger and made me crave those kinds of sandwiches. I was so distracted that I actually shared a Tweet on my timeline, asking my foodie friends and a few food bloggers (whose taste match with mine) “If I can find any of such sandwiches in Karachi?”

From where it all started:

Most of them replied with what came to their mind, with some I agreed to a little extent and with other I simply couldn’t. Luckily, a friend of mine shared the name of a sandwich joint which was about to open in a few days and she also shared the Facebook page of that. After visiting the page of SlamVich, I was sure that those are the kinds of sandwiches which will satisfy my cravings. Slamvich opened its first outlet on 2nd March 2018, The Friday. And guess what? I visited there to see what they have in store for their customers.


Slamvich does not offer a huge list of offerings but with the limited offering what they are offering every Slamvich is different and very unique from the other. At the moment, Slamvich is offering six types of Slamviches chicken, beef, cheesy and Nutella. Plus, Slamvich has also introduced potato puffs and slam fries. Slamvich is not a dine-in spot, it provides take-away and delivery options. Delivery is limited to close vicinities, as per the manager of Slamvich, with whom I interacted while my order was getting ready.

Food Review: Slamvich

I ordered Tender Slam and Meat n’ Melt, as I wanted to try their beef sandwiches (read: slamviches). Without a doubt those slamvices were stuffed and very thick. One of those kinds which satisfy you hunger just by looking at them.

Slamvich-Tender-Slam-1 Slamvich-Tender-Slam-2 Slamvich-Tender-Slam-3

Tender Slam has chunks of steak filled in the slamvich and had mushrooms along with herbs plus extreme sauces. It is loaded and satisfying. Those who like good quality steak with a little pinkish meat will surely love this heavenly sandwich.

Meat n’ Melt is the name of yummy and scrumptious thick patty of moist, juicy and cheesy beef which is so mouthwatering that you cannot ignore the taste. It has a kick in the taste. Those who are fans of thick and juicy patty with quality mince will drool over Meat n’ Melt.


I also ordered the Nutella shake but it was very light and I wasn’t expecting something not-so-heavy from it but a friend of mine actually liked it and said that with these loaded sandwiches drinks need to be lighter.

I thoroughly enjoyed what I had, next time I am planning to try their chicken slamviches – I’ll share my experience for sure. This sandwich joint is located at Bukhari, near Meat The Cheese.


Meat n’ Melt: 350/-

Tender Slam: 450/-

Nutella Chocolate Shake: 200/-

Over All Experience – Recommendation:

Rating: 4/5

Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui

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