Social Media Facebook Ads Success By Arik Hanson and Dan Olson

These days, the most favoured content found on internet is from Social media. Gradually, social media is becoming a part of everyone’s life. No matter you are a kid, young person, elder citizen, businessman, teacher, painter or a person from any background, cast and occupation, social media has influenced everyone in one way or the other. This impact of social media on society persuaded marketers to avail it for raising their profits.

Today, Facebook is the most popular site among various social media sites an
d almost every brand owns a page on it. Many brands are quite successful in getting a good response from their customers via Facebook marketing but some lack behind in this race in spite of posting good and useful stuff.

On April 14 2014, a presentation was given by Arik Hanson and Dan Olson of The MSP Social Media Breakfast, mainly about Facebook ads. In this presentation they gave 7 essential rules for successful marketing at Facebook through ads.

1.     If you know your audience target the hell out of them

2.      If you’re seeking an action outside Facebook, make sure the leap is intuitive.

The first two tips of Dan were resulted from a case study on Meijer (a chain of megastores just like Walmart and Kroger). The main goal of Meijer was to enhance their loyalty program’s registration and for that they got advantage of ads especially designed for the loyalty members. This idea of ads was successful for Meijer as they observed increase in registrations. They made peculiar ads for their destined audience in which an ad was prompted on Facebook asking audience to sign up for the loyalty program in order to claim free items on visiting Meijer.

3.     Existing fans are your biggest fans, evoke pride with Social Media Facebook ads.

4.      Build, Amplify, Engage Via Social Media

For rules three and four Aric took reference of On the Green Line. For promoting the latest Green Line of the Light Rail and the trades encircling it, a project was started called On the Green Line. Aric discover that this project got great success by posting promotion ads focusing restaurants located on Green line as it excited fans for engaging themselves in the businesses of which they were noble supporters. Attractive photos were also included in promoting ads. Build, amplify and engage were their main tactics.

5.     If mobile makes sense for your brand, leverage mobile ads

Dan obtained this rule from the example of Red Stamp. This brand made ads of Mobile App Installation which was succeeded in driving 17,000 downloads in just two months from Facebook. Red Stamp took advantage of its various customers connected with them on mobile. Their strategy of mobile ads effectively targeted them to try their app. Another benefit of mobile ads is that they are less costly than desktop ads.

6.     Identify your best visual assets and plan Social Media Facebook Ads around them.

7.      Amplify engagement focused posts to spike likes, shares and comments

These last two rules are derived by Aric from a Facebook page Bike Walk Move. The aim of this page was to get Minneapolitans up and out biking, walking and running. Aric considered it an exceptional campaign as it was not designed to lift sales or to produce foot traffic to a particular place. Bike Walk Move used infographics as responsive posts on Facebook. To stimulate shares, likes and comments, they also use some visual content which kept their audience engaged with the page.

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